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Jan 19, 2014

TW Trip [2013] - Modern Toilet Restaurant

Yup, sorry for the lack of updates due to my super busy work and dating schedule.

Went to this themed restaurant called Modern Toilet
which I believe has many franchises in other countries now already!
(I saw it in Malaysia before too, not sure if the food quality was as good though! Only tried the desserts back in Malaysia)

Modern Toilet Restaurant
2F, No.50-7 Xining South Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 02-2311-8822 ; Opening Hours: 1130 - 2200

This restaurant was pretty hard to find!!
It was the only place I had to actually ask for directions to get to.

You've to turn into a small alley besides the multi storey carpark near the theatres, and walk all the way through and turn left, tada! Sounds easy but it's really not easy to find it!
(Or maybe the map I found was wrong)

Cute toilet related deco hahaha!

Yup, no doubts.
The Toilet seats, are actually used as seats in the restaurant!

Pretty nice environment, especially for big groups!
Nice chill out place I'd recommend.

So guess what was the first thing served?



LOL!! It was actually bread, to go with the soup (pic below) shaped in shit form!
Hahahaha, my mum and I were laughing away when we first saw it.

And like its looks, it really tasted quite..horrid. lol.
But only this, the others were pretty nice!

Mum ordered steak.

Which was served in a disappointing normal plate.
The steak tasted normal and was a little overcooked for me.

And here was what I ordered!

It's like personal steamboat toilet bowl!
I really loved my dish. It was practically worth the money and it tasted really nice too!
Not the kind of nice that'll leave you an impression that this is the best restaurant for this dish, but would leave you craving whenever you think of it.

I'm feeling hungry now.

Camwhore as usual! Heh.

And look at the cups too.
It's in a form of the guys urinal, hahahaha!
Super cute please!

And dessert that came along with the set meal we ordered!
In shit form.

I know it's lame, but imagine eating shit and digesting it and shitting it out to real shit. Rating

Location: 8/10
Atmostphere: 8/10
Price: 9/10
Food Quality: 8/10
Customer Service: 9/10

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

Definitely heading back again this year!

Side note: I really can't wait to get back to Taiwan and eat all these great food again!
Few more months and I'll be flying over again yay!! 

Look forward to more reviews on themed cafe/restaurant reviews in Taipei!

Till then, STAY HUNGRY.

Jan 18, 2014

The Legend of Hercules [REVIEW]

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The Legend of Hercules [2014]

Release Date: 9th January 2014
Duration: 98 minutes
Genre: Action, Adventure
Director: Renny Harlin
Main Casts: Kellan Lutz , Rade Serbedzija , Scott Adkins , Gaia Weiss , Roxanne McKee , Liam Garrigan , Liam McIntyre , Johnathon Schaech , Luke Newberry

Great thanks to Cineleisure and Cathay for the complimentary tickets!

So this is basically a story of the well known myth, Hercules.

It was actually pretty interesting for me cause I always knew of the name Hercules.
And I know he's a super strong guy and such.

But I never knew that he was actually a demi-god too!
He's actually the son of Hera (the queen) and Zeus.


That makes him the biggest demi-god of all the others!!
And why was he named Hercules?
It actually means Glory of Hera in Greek.

The movie was pretty much actioned packed and exciting.
Though it was a little draggy in the start and the visual effects kind of sucked.

But nonetheless, it was still a great movie of my childhood legendary myth character!


This is HEBE (not the one from S.H.E, lol), lover of Hercules!

Just a brief intro about Hercules movie.

The King (Hercules' step father) was a really possessive and unreasonable dude that used violence to get what he wants and such, so her wife (Hera), the Queen, sought help from the Gods. 
And *coughs* made love with Zeus *coughs* and had Hercules which had the strength to literally own the King and his whole army. However he didn't know/believe of his identity in the start, so he went through quite a bit of hardship and etc set up by the King to sabotage his death (due to jealousy).

Ok, no more spoilers.


Book your tickets online to get the seats you want!! :)

Ramen Champion - Great World City NEW Outlet

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Believe RAMEN CHAMPION ain't stranger to you guys out there.
This is their 3rd outlet in Singapore already!
If you've yet to try it, read this post, get hungry and head down for it :)



Tori Karaage - SGD$4.80

Fried chicken! This was pretty nice (actually I loved all their side dishes).
It wasn't too salty. The meat was lean and well fried. You can choose to squeeze the lemon on the chicken to enhance the taste of it too! 

Mentaiko Gyoza - SGD$5.80

Okonomiyaki Gyoza w/ Bonito Flakes - SGD$5.80

TBH, all gyoza tastes the same to me and I'm a super great fan of them! 
But I was shy to eat more of them at the food tasting, hurhur

Sapporo Miso Special Ramen - SGD$14.80

Not a fan of this but, I know many will drool over it.



Special Tonkotsu Ramen - SGD$16.50



Pork and Vegetables Ramen - SGD$16/-



Special Sukiyaki Ramen - SGD$16/-

See the big and cute looking bowl! Hehe

Spicy Chicken - SGD$5/-

I really love this!! I'm someone who can't take spice well, but this was within my limits.
It's spicy yet flavourful enough to make you crave for another.



Do head down to any of their branches near you to try out those dishes! :)

Changi Airport T3 
65 Airport Boulevard
#B2-58 S(819663) 
Opening Hours: 1030 - 2300  
Tel: +65 6214 2958

201 Victoria Street
#04-10 S(188607)
Opening Hours: 1130 - 2230
Tel: +65 6238 1101

Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade 
#01-22 S(237994)
Opening Hours: 1130 - 2230 
Tel: +65 6235 1295


Jan 1, 2014

2013 ... 2014

So........2013 finally came to an end.

I would say 2013 was pretty good for me.

In terms of blog/ wise,
I gained pretty much exposure from here and there.

Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 2, Singapore Blog Awards 2013, 
Pika Pika Meido Cafe, Garena Talk.
And of course bits and pieces here and there from events I attended.
And I got myself more sponsors and paid gigs this year :)

In terms of personal life wise,
I guess it was great too!

So here comes the cliché Resolution list for 2014.

1. Obtain a driving licence (?)
2. Finish arranging at least an original of mine and release it on iTunes
3. Find a stable job or a job I really will work for long/life
4. Have a healthy balance between work/love ones
5. Gain weight (at least 5kg)
6. Gain more experience/exposure in music industry/related

Ok, can't think of anymore. 
Shall update once I think of any.

Happy New Year :)