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Jul 14, 2013

Bon Japan 2013


Were you there too at Bon Japan 2013 Themed Café too? 

Not much photos or words to blog about because I was really busy serving and enjoying.
Got to know and see many cosplayers and serve many new お嬢様 & ご主人様 :)

With le Applepie 
Love this girl a lot though we always appear to be "arguing", but that's just our way of communication :)

Tried the provided costumes for a little while in the middle of the event!
Kids go gaga over our costumes and want to take pictures with us! Adults too!

Furthermore, Doraemon; Hello Kitty; Rilakkuma are part of the 6 themes of the café!!

(Heng Lee; Tim; Yu Bin;)

For those who've missed the event today, 
Don't be too upset because there'll be more events coming up.

I'll update on my Facebook Page on the events I'm attending!

And lastly ending with the rare few selicas I've taken today!

Till then,

Most pictures were from Applepie's camera as I didn't have a pouch to carry my stuffs.

Jul 11, 2013



Le Facebook Fan Page has hit 1K Likes!
It's been a really long journey and I really appreciate all the support along the way!
Especially to friends and fans that constantly supported things I posted etc.

And to commemorate this 1K of likes, I'd be holding a giveaway up really soon! 

You guys can comment on this blog post suggestions on what you'd like as a giveaway item and if it's not too costly, I might just use your suggestions! :)

(Was thinking of getting minions for giveaways since they're kinda the hot cakes now!)

Once again, thank you every one of you who supported me thus far.

No you, No me! 

Jul 3, 2013

Garena Talk - Singing DJ

Just to update you guys what's up with my life recently,
I've been shortlisted to be one of the Singing DJs in Garena Talk! :)

It's really an honor to be able to appear and perform on such a big platform, Garena.
What's more, when Passion X Work, it's the best thing that could ever happen in anyone's life!

Thanks to one of my viewers (PreX), I managed to get a SS of my session last weekend!

SO..What is Garena Talk?

It's an online chatting software (similar to MSN), that allows you to communicate with people/groups of people!
And what's better is, you can tune into the SUPER DJ channels and you can enjoy music/accompaniment just like tuning into a radio station :)

And how do you download Garena Talk?

Go to 

And you'll land below:

 Click on "Free Download"
And start downloading! 

Instructions can be found on the page itself.

This is NOT an advertorial post.
I'm just posting this so you guys can download and check me out during my session if you want to hear me sing and talk to me LIVE on Garena Talk! :)

(P.S. Garena Talk is not compatible with Mac at the moment)

Just a side note,
I've watched Despicable Me 2 and IT'S THE BEST ANIMATION OF THE YEAR.
I literally fell in love with the minions and am now a hardcore fan of them!

I wanted a minion keychain so badly but there ain't any in market.


Jul 1, 2013

Bandung Indonesia Trip - Part II

Sponsored Advertorial

Hello hello!

And so I'm back to blog about my 2nd day of le Bandung, Indonesia Trip!
Once again, a very great Thank You to OMY.SG and AirAsia Singapore for this trip.

So we're on our own for our 2nd day, OTOT!

You'll realize in this post that Bandung, Indonesia isn't about sight seeing only.
It's somewhere you can relax, eat, shop, enjoy!

Traveling around Bandung is not really as near as in Singapore.
So the best way around would definitely be A TAXI.


Out of the many cabs I took within Day 1 and 2 itself, 
this is my personal experience and advice!

Reason being, they run by meter. And they're honest!
With a starting fare of 6,000 IDR, fares around to the city area (from my hotel) would usually cost up to 20,000 IDR or a maximum of 50,000 IDR only!

BUT, if you board other top cabs, they would name an absurd price as they don't run by meter. And even if they did run by meter,
I can't guarantee you that they won't eat your money up.

I've tried taking another cab by meter, the meter was summed up to about only 15,000 IDR. And when I gave the driver 50,000 IDR, he returned to me 20,000 IDR only!
And when I asked him about it, he just shove me another 5,000 IDR and gave me an annoyed look, as if I'm at fault. I was shortchanged by 10,000 IDR!

Not that it really costed a lot in SGD, but, this is integrity issue you know!
Tips is a separate issue and should be given out of good will!

Tentatively, if you can speak Malay.
You can try their public transport mini vans!

It's much cheaper of course but you'd need to know how to communicate with the drive regarding the travel fee and etc. The destination that they're going to will be shown on the top of their Windscreen. 
In this picture, it's Ledang Bip (If I didn't read it wrongly).

So first up in the morning,
(Because I'm really lazy to wake up for breakfast in the hotel)
I headed down to HOLLAND BAKERY along Jln Merdeka (Opp. KFC)

And why here?

Because I'm deeply attracted to it's exterior design of the shop!
(P.S. I'm a great sucker for themed cafés/great interior/exterior food places!)

They practically sell anything a bakery would sell.

But not really an ideal place for breakfast after all cause they don't serve much drinks choices, not mentioning the basics like Coffee and Tea.

Got this bread cause the sales attendant said this was their best seller.

Was pretty..ordinary though.

Le mum wanted to get some Coffee to kick off the day!
So we proceeded across the road for some coffee at Dunkin' Donuts!

Crossing the road in Bandung is not really an easy task. Try to follow their citizens and cross when they cross! Or try to alight on the right side from the Taxi! Hahaha.

See the pretty design they made on the coffee?

I really loved the service of the staffs in this outlet of Dunkin' Donuts!
(It's located along Jln Merdeka)
Despite not knowing English well, they tried their best to help us resolve our needs.

Oh yes, there's FREE WIFI here! 
Makes it more convenient for me to Google on my next location spot!

1st Destination:

Cihampelas Walk
Jl Cihampelas 160
Bandung 40131, Indonesia

This was the first yet favorite mall of all!

Food Street!

Plenty of Foooooood!

I see that it's quite in a Trend for Bandung people to have shops like these!
It's a photo taking shop, something like Neoprints but you can't really design it.

Super big arcade with TONS of rides for kids and gaming machines!
There's like BUMPER CAR too!!

Pretty corner for Fruit Juices :)

(Like a Taitai~)
This shop is located at the basement of Cihampelas Walk.

The service of the manicurist was really good!
And her skills was really meticulous too, totally worth the price!

This costed like 40,000+ IDR?
Which is like less than 10 SGD!

I was really tempted to do nail designs cause it costed a total of 90,000 IDR only!
But too bad, time wasn't on my side :(
Maybe next time when I've a longer stay in Bandung, I'll definitely head down!!

AND YES, I went to cut my hair, too!

Hair cut costed around 60,000+ IDR
(if I did not remember wrongly)

But I know that it costed less than our QB haircut salon in SG, lol!
The hairdressing was pretty ordinary. And because we had some communication error (I didn't know how to speak Malay), the hairdresser kind of cut off A LOT of my hair instead of split ends only. But oh well, it's still fine considering the price! No holes in my hair or any mistakes, thank God :)

(I get really excited talking about food)

I've heard from the tour guide and locals (indonesians) that the roadside food stalls ain't really clean, so unless you're local or ain't afraid to try them, feel free to. Because I'm more of a "Kiasi" kind and I'm afraid to have loose motions eating their roadside food stalls.

This was along the Food Street outside Cihampelas Walk!

Jalan Hasanudin 5 & Ciwalk Mall SL 17A, Bandung, ID.
Tel: 022 -2533648 // 022-2533647
Opening Hours: 07:30 - 23:00

I LOVE their interior! 

And here comes our food! :)

Avocado Shake!

Rum and Raisins Milk Shake


Aussie Beef Steak! 

The beef was perfectly grilled.
It had a fine crisp on the outer layer yet soft and easy on the teeth!
It was perfectly marinated and accompanied by a sweet BBQ-like sauce.

This meal costed a total of like 120,000+ IDR?
Which is less than 20 SGD!!!

This is insane.

With such good quality, the price of the food is absolutely reasonable!

The many pretty looking restaurants I've yet to try!!
I'll try them the next time I head down to Bandung again!

2nd Destination:
Paris Van Java
PT. Starlight Jl. Sukajadi 131-139 
Bandung, 40162, Indonesia

This place looks a little like Sg's Bugis street.
Where there are many shops and some push carts along the shops too!
And it's fully air-conditioned! 

They have a butterfly Jungle outside too!

Looks like Bugis Junction right? Haha.

This shopping mall consists of more branded shops.
And for people like me that doesn't shop branded, it's kind of boring.
But luckily they have pushcarts along the way that sells interesting stuffs!

And look at how special their toilets are!
They rear fishes in the toilets!

One really interesting sight I caught at TOPSHOP!
The sales attendant wore the mannequin's clothing wrongly!! Haha!!

3rd Destination:

Trans Studio Mall
Jl. Gatot Subroto 289 
Bandung 40273

See how pretty the lights are?
They're constantly changing colors! Super pretty!!

This shopping mall has like 90% branded shops too!
But they also have a departmental store and a few shops that sells really cute stuffs too!

Kids Rides! 


This is actually a "mini USS"!
An amusement park!!
I'm so sad I didn't head to this mall earlier if not I'll be able to enter and enjoy the rides!

This is in my "TO DO" list the next time I visit Bandung again!

And finally, DINNERTIME :)

Jl. Riau 172, Bandung, Indonesia
Tel: +62 22 7275749

And as usual, the restaurants that attracts me has really nice interiors!

Look at her uniform! NICE!!

You can actually sign on the plate and hang it up there! 
How cool!

Innovative light design!

Longan Blossom
(Fruit Tea)

This is more for the sweet tooth!
It's sweet with the flavor of longan yet has the bland taste of tea!

Strawberry Sensation

Aglio Olio
This pasta was a little too pepperish, I'm not sure if it was meant to be cooked in this style but I don't really fancy this dish much cause I don't like pepper.

Cream of Mushroom!
They had slices of mushrooms in the soup to make it really mushroomy! :D 

Carbonara Pizza!
It's crust was thin and smokey, topped with cheese and ham/bacon bits.

It was SO NICE that I was wondering WHY IS IT SO NICE.
And I found out something.

They made their pizzas with this charcoal stove!!
Charcoal baked pizzas!

No wonder it tasted SO NICE.

I strongly recommend you guys to try their Pizzas out if you're around the area.
It's really nice and it tastes different from the normal thin crust pizzas you eat!

On a random side note, they have SHARE TEA too!

This is the Roller Coaster from Trans Studio (Amusement Park)

So, have I successfully managed to change your mindset about Bandung?

Because before I came, I didn't expect Bandung to be such a beautiful and modern place with such good food! I was imaging myself losing weight due to in-adaptability of the Indonesian food.

It's so relaxing and enjoying!!

OH, and if you're a NIGHTLIFE person.
They do have pubs/clubs for you guys to check out too!

Hotel's Swimming Pool 

Top view of Bandung City!

And finally another cuppa Coffee my mum ordered from the airport!

Souvenirs purchasing!
Weren't much stuffs I could get as souvenirs so I got some local delicacies!

Love their Cheese Sticks!!

But fyi, these products are freshly made and they expire within 2-3 days.

Lastly before I go off,

Please do not spend ALL your IDR money.
Please leave like 75,000 IDR for your airport taxes!!

My mum and I wasn't aware of it and we spent all our remaining cash JUST to finish it up!
And ended up exchanging more currencies in the money changer, lol.

So yes, this marks the end of my 2 days travel journey with #AirAsia Singapore
to Bandung, Indonesia!

Hope this post gives you more info about travelling in Bandung! :)