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Dec 21, 2014

CASIO Pomrie Rubber Stamp Maker

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I've been wanting to make my own customized stamp since a really long time ago!!
And lucky for me, Vivian introduced me to CASIO's new product, Pomrie!
I'm very honoured to be able to try this product out and make a review out of it.

So first, let me show you POMRIE.

The Pomrie Printer comes with:

USB Cable
Software CD
x1 15mmx15mm Stamp Pad
x1 15mmx15mm Stamp Base
x1 Black Ink
Pomrie Printer

There are different sizes of stamps you can purchase separately (as show above)

Look at how small it is!

And they come in a whole range of colors for the stamp inks!!
(P.S. I'll show you how some people make use of the colors to make really nice effects!)

So first thing you do after purchasing the printer, 
You'd have to download the POMRIE software.

It's a really cool software that allows you to edit your own images into a stamp,
or alternatively, you could use their wide range of image base and make them into a stamp!

I wanted to do a SS by SS tutorial through the process but I realize it's more interesting to watch the video.



You know how limited Mac compatible softwares are? Especially those fun and cool ones!

Mac Pomrie Download Link:


So now, this is my go at it!!

I told Mr Wan to draw something and I'd make it into a stamp!
(Cause he's curious how this works too)

So he drew on my Note and I transferred it to my com and printed it out!!

Picked the 60mmx30mm one for his design!
(P.S. you don't have to peel anything for now. Just insert the whole thing in!!)

Put it through the butt of Pomrie

It's out and almost done!!

(YES, it's his favourite Pikachu, drawn by him)

Once it's out, all you gotta do is peel the plastic layer to get the stamp pad out

Then peel the adhesive paper off the bottom part of the stamp base

And stick them together!!

Now, applying the color!
(Mr Wan initially said to try Pink -.- Pink Pikachu, really?)

Leave the color on for around 5 minute? And you're ready to stamp away!!
(I was too anxious I left it on for around less than a min but it turned out well too, as shown below)

You'd need to stamp it for around 3-4 times before the actual stamp design appears!!


There's so many things you can do with pomrie!
It's not only for the adults that do crafts, but also fun for the kids!!
Just one gadget, and you can have special customised stamps from now on!

And no, you do not have to buy a new pack of same sized base every time.
You can just buy the refill pack which only consist of the top part in the picture
(The adhensive for the stamp pad and stamp pad)


How much is it and where to get it, you ask?

It's selling at POPULAR BOOK FEST (Suntec Expo Halls) at a
Special Price of SGD99 
from now till the 21st December!!!

And what's more?
Customers can enjoy 20% off Pomrie accessories!!

Do follow and like CASIO's Facebook page to know about latest updates on promotions and products!

P.S. LIKE and TAG them on their FB Page on your Pomrie stamp designs on 4 crafts,
and you'll get a 30x30 or 45x45 stamp replacement sheet holder kit!
(Promotion ends 31st Jan 2015)

And remember I said I'd share with you some works of cool stamps made?
Look at this talented young chap's work!!

I'm seriously amazed!!

(Psst, it's a good christmas/valentine days gift~)

What I really love about this is that you can make your own stamps, with your own details!!
You know how some "stamp customisation" companies disallow prints that are of different shades?
The current stamp makers industry only allows solid one tone stamp designs.


I'm still really engrossed and in love with the stamps made with Pomrie!
(I made my DNA stamp too!!)

Can't wait to stamp them on my 2015 organisers and future craftworks!!


Pomrie is also available at the following Popular Outlets:


Blk 231 Bain Street #04-23/33 Bras Basah Complex S(180231)

Tel : (65) 6339 0772

Fax : (65) 6339 2103

Email :

Business Hours
Mon - Thu : 10.00am - 07.00pm
Fri - Sun & PH : 10.00am - 09.00pm

Blk 86 Marine Parade Central #02-101/102 S(440086)
Tel : (65) 6344 9884
Fax : (65) 6345 0831
Email :

Business Hours
Mon - Fri : 11.00am - 09.00pm
Sat, Sun & PH : 10.00am - 09.30pm

1 Jurong West Central 2 #B1-41 Jurong Point Shopping Centre S(648886)
Tel : (65) 6793 5280
Fax : (65) 6793 5284
Email :

Business Hours
Mon - Sun : 10.00am - 10.00pm

530 Toa Payoh Lor 6 #02-01 S(310530)
Tel : (65) 6358 1709
Fax : (65) 6352 7157
Email :

Business Hours
Mon - Fri : 10.30am - 09.00pm
Sat, Sun & PH : 10.00am - 09.30pm


Nov 20, 2014

The Hunger Games - Mocking Jay Part 1 [Movie Review]

Guess many of you were looking forward to this blockbuster Sequel

Thank you so much to Cathay, the CNOS people and I got to watch it first hand at the Gala Premiere!

* Missing selfies with Huixin; Vivian; Shufeng; *
It was a super long time since we last met and it was good seeing them again!!

Okay, back to the movie review.

The movie was somewhat boring due to the lack of action/fighting scenes going on compared to the previous few sequels of The Hunger Games that had jammed packed action to keep us captivated.

I wouldn't agree with many that said it was disappointing cause somehow it allows the audience to have a build up to the next sequel (Mocking Jay Part 2). The movie had a certain extend of humour (as usual), and quite a few touching moments in there.

One of my favorite moments (in every movie too) is when they salute to Katniss.
This is probably the most touching scene in every of the sequel.

That aside, there are some new characters introduced during this sequel!

(Natalie Dormer)


And there's this really funny part of Mocking Jay

You'll get to see Effie Trinket in normal outfits (cell clothings lol)
No heavy make up, no fanciful dresses, no atas desserts for her!!


It's actually quite funny to see her in this form!!

I shan't reveal too much, you guys have to catch it to know what went on!
The movie might not be as good as the first 2 and it'll leave you a few unanswered questions at the end of the movie (if you don't read the book, like me) but it makes you crave for the final movie to be out!!

P.S. I kinda hate this episode a lot (as much as how I hated twilight) cause it makes me really angst to see how Katniss gets indecisive of her feelings and "love" both Peeta AND Gale.

It's out in the theatres already!!

And you get any Combo set from Cathay, you'd receive this MOCKINGJAY badge!!

(Yes I cut bangs, don't judge)

“We fight, we dare, we end our hunger for justice.” 

Nov 3, 2014

ZE-Bakery by ZEE&ELLE

Sponsored Advertorial

I'm so so so honored and glad that ZE Bakery agreed to sponsoring for Mr Wan's 21st.
And I got to say, they've got one of the best handmade pastries I've ever ate.

As mentioned in previous post, Mr Wan's birthday was around the theme of "Pokémon"
So, Elle (Lady boss of ZE Bakery) agreed to making the pastries along that theme!
It was a really good and meticulous effort made to customize these pastries to fit in the kiddy theme, but they did an awesome job for it!

Take a look at my dessert table!!

What I really really love about them is their effort for the details.

Now at the party, guests had to go through the tough decision on selecting their 1st pokémon again!

Earl Grey Cheesecake

Red Velvet Cupcakes & Earl Grey Lavender Cupcakes

One of my favourite of the night, 
Pokéball Macarons, with green tea filling  

And last but never least, introducing my favorite of them all,


Noticed how dedicate they were? 
Even the Food labels were printed to suit the theme!!

This is really the best Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart I've ever ate.
It's so good that I crave for it every now and then, I went back to purchase from them a few times already!

Come on, look at that Salted Caramel
It'll just ooze in your mouth once you take a bite on those tarts.

If not for my weak throat condition, 
I'd really love have this for breakfast and high tea every single day!

Once again, I'm really thankful to ZE Bakery 
(by ZEE & ELLE - they're a couple~ hehe)

Thank you for the lovely pastries that satisfied the guests' sweet tooth that night!

Do check them out!!
**Pssst, they recently run a food blog by themselves**

P.S. I'm craving for those tarts now T_T

Oct 22, 2014

Garena Talk - Talktalk

Hi Guuuuuuuuuuuuuys (and Girls)!

I know you guys are wondering what's the software I'm using to stream online - that I post on FB every week.
And you guys have no idea how to download Gtalk to hear me or find me.

So below is a simple tutorial on how you can download Talktalk (for free) and find me there!!

1. Go to

2. Click "Free Download" - the icon on the right screen above

3. Install Talktalk once the exe is being downloaded and run it when it's done!

4. Create/Log in your Garena account (It's free to get one)

5. After logging in, you'll see this sidebar where there's a lot of boxes
Some of them are games (such as LoL, HoN, FO3, etc)
So click on this "TalkTalk" icon and the Talktalk windows will pop out

So this is the home page of Talktalk
6. Click on "Live Shows" to view live shows (doh.)

7. You can view other online DJs, or wait till I'm online and selecton my room "Noelle Mikazuki"


Simple as ABC.

I'll be online this Sunday (26/10/14) 9-11PM, 
so see you then!^^

Till then, xoxo.

Oct 17, 2014

Losers find excuses, Winners work hard

I've came to a point where I've seen enough and feel extremely pissed of guys ranting on social media platforms that,

"All girls are materialistic"

I do not deny that I've seen girls that are true materialists and define love based on the monetary value of a person.

But, that is a minority.
And if you're only mixing with this bunch of girls in life, it's kind of obvious that you're somehow a materialist as well. The same type of birds flock together, you realize?

It really pisses me off when I read articles on like example, "What a girl truly wants in a relationship" and these guys, instead of reading and absorbing and learning, went straight to comment "No, girls just want guys who are rich with cars, condo, blahblahblah"

Like seriously, losers find excuses to push to blame to everyone else when they lose. And they're acting like one.

"OH you don't know what I've been through and experienced. I've been dating with girls before and they are like this"


It's the same theory for girls when they fall for assholes and starts stereotyping that all guys go for the looks after getting themselves hurt.

And the most raging part of these guys are that most of them (not all) themselves are materialists. They fall in love with girls that are pretty, that have a great body and material of a typical guy's dream girl. Like really, aren't you defining your "love" based on a superficial level of visual contentment?

Every single individual have a different character and definition in "love". It is completely normal to want certain criteria in the person you love and want to live your life with.

Love is not just a feeling. It is a strong passion you have for someone, that would give you the strive to work hard for the relationship. Not only in terms of monetary - to be able to be financially stable to set up a family or at least a nest, but also to work hard to make the relationship work by using actions, making changes, instead of all sugar coated words and empty promises.

Many of these guys that lost their lovers during their NS days or to someone financially better off than them bear a grudge and feel injustice. Yes, sometimes, it's just the girls that are assholes (like how some guys are) - we all fall in love with the wrong person at times, it's totally normal.

But many other times, it's because of the lack of effort from the guys. They push the fault to the girl saying that they're just materialistic and blablabla, but they never once take a look at themselves. Compare the effort the other guy puts in to make her happy and how much effort they actually put in. Some guys don't even put in the effort to work and be financially stable. They just want to slack and relax and seriously, how do you want a girl to feel secure with you? I mean a girl (most) can go through the hard times with you, but if you're not even trying to work hard and not be lazy, you can't expect her to just hug with you and beg on the streets, due to your laziness, when you're old right?

I know some guys would be saying "If the girl really loved me, they'd stand by me no matter what."

Yes, this is true. To a certain extend.
People do get tired of empty promises and broken feelings. When you don't attend to them and mend them, there will be a point where they make a changing point in the rs and her life, to leave you. Because a relationship requires contribution from both sides, not just one (vice versa).

It's the same why some guys cheat.
Because they lack of something in the relationship. Some lack the dignity they need, some lack care and concern, some lack love, some lack sex.

Stop blaming everyone else but yourself just to make yourself feel better, because the same thing would happen again and again.

Then again, if you met an asshole in the relationship, you don't have to feel too bad. People fall for the wrong "lovers" in life, it's normal. Now that you know the characteristics and traits of a player/materialist, take it as a lesson and learn from it, to be wary and never fall for the same type of people again. If you fall in love repeatedly and get hurt by the same type of people/reason, yet choose to continue the same cycle, you don't deserve the right to complain.

Losers find excuses, winners work hard (or sometimes take the right opportunities).
Work towards what you want. If you want a girl that is materialistic, instead of complaining and stereotyping that all girls are materialists, work towards being rich. If you want a girl that loves you a lot, work towards being the man she wants. Stop, just stop blaming the whole world and stereotype that all girls are materialists. It pisses me really badly because I see many girls that work so hard for the relationship they want - like going on diets, putting on make ups, just to attract the guys they like. And then I see these guys just go around blaming and doing nothing. Seriously, wake up.

End of random rant, kthxbye

Sep 7, 2014

PHOOTPRINT - Live Instagram Printing Photo Booth

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Practically everyone loves parties, be it birthday parties, farewell, welcome, wedding, DnD etc.
And during such occasions, you'd take tons of photos with each other!

But usually after the party, you'd just upload them on instagram/facebook
or keep them somewhere in your hard disk/computers and some years later, lost it.
Some would plan to print them but most are usually lazy to.

So this is when Phootprint come in really handy!

What is Phootprint/What do they do?

They provide premium live Instagram Printing Photo booth at affordable rates!
Meaning, you just have to post your picture on instagram with the unique hashtag, and they'd print your pictures out for you!!

What's best is that you can customize the frame to your liking/design!!
(Depending on the package you get)

Check out my experience with Phootprint during Mr. Wan's 21st Birthday!

I got the "Just On Time" Package where you'd post pictures with the hashtag during your party,
and after your party, they'd deliver to you within an hour, JUST ON TIME before the guests leave.

And because the party theme was "POKEMON",
I got the frame to have something related to the theme, as below! :)

Super cute right??!

This was printed in the size of a standard credit card.
So you could actually place the pictures in your wallet, like a polaroid alike!
(Which means you can post your best pictures instead of a polaroid which has only 1 shot/picture)

So what do you have to do to get these pictures printed during the party?

So here's the list of photos with the hashtags of #Clive21st

It's great cause, especially in this era where nearly everybody is using Instagram,
They can just snap their own moments during the party and just hashtag to get it printed out!

Thanks Mr Giuseppe making the delivery personally and having it JUST ON TIME! :)

P.S. They're coming up with Stickers too :)

Here's the printed photos!! Looking really pretty!!
The guests loved it as much as I did, too!
And it's really handy to just keep it in the wallet/card holder!

Now you must be wondering,
How much does these cost?

It costs just $99 for the basic ones where they'll deliver to you the party photos within 48 hours!
And if you want something like mine, it'll be $149 only! 
Which is really reasonable and affordable (and fun for the guests) for a party!

More details can be found in the links below:

P.S. Follow their FB/Insta to take a look at their latest projects!
Some of them are really cool (might give you some ideas on the frame designs)

Leave your party memories with Phootprint today :)

Aug 30, 2014

想对你说 - Original

So I finally decided to record my Originals in a Demo form.

Reason why I've been dragging this since the longest time is because I wanted to do a professional studio version with the BGM arranged properly but, I guess I don't and won't be having the resource in the near future so I've decided to just do a Demo version of it now since I'm in the mood to sing but don't know whose song to cover.

This song was written around 2 years back in 2012 when I faced on of the most major break up in my life.
I wrote this song after I felt better and..yeah, I liked it. HAHAHA.

This is kind of awkward for me for the first time cause self-composed songs are kind of personal. 
But I really hope you guys liked it too.

And for those who're facing a break up and feeling the same way I did back then..
Chins up, life goes on. And look where I am today!
Still alive and happier in fact!


心,还在痛 我,还在想 你,还会不会想念我 我,忘不了 你,说的话 心,不想面对这一切 我也想说,对你已没有牵挂 可是你却不断浮现在脑海里 心想要说,却一直没勇气说 其实我一直都爱着你 忘了吧,就让我忘了吧 那些你给我的回忆都(不)只是假象 也许这一切都是你的游戏 是我太用心 你说的每一句 我还记得 而你却走了 忘了吧,就让我忘了吧 那些没实现的承诺(我还)再不会期望 也许我(其实我)不想放弃不想离开 却不能再奢求 就算再痛再难过 还是想对你说,我想你 有时偶尔我也会狂想 其实你一直和我一样

I know my vocals ain't in the best condition and pitch now but, just make do with it ya


Aug 15, 2014

Coffeemin - Suntec City (Review)

First and foremost, this is not a sponsored review.

I just happened to be at Alive Museum and chanced upon Coffeemin's Suntec outlet.
I've seen their Facebook page previously and felt that this idea was pretty fresh and interesting.

So yes, I decided to give it a visit and let you guys know what I think about it :)

3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall
#03-377 Singapore 038983
Opening Hours : 11AM - 10PM daily
Contact : (+65) 6238 0370

So, the interesting thing about Coffeemin is,
You pay by the minutes you're in the Café, where everything else inside, is free.

It costs $1/ 10mins, which would cost you $6 for an hour (min 1 hour)
It's pretty affordable for an experience in there and you go in and chill.

Free drinks (Coffee machine and soft drinks dispenser), Snacks like cookies, Oreos, biscuits, 
They have a Pool table, Xboxs, Wifi, Desktops, Board Games.

It's pretty much the place I'd visit as a student after my school, 
or the hangout place I would go to back then when I was doing Outdoor Sales.

The environment and interior design was pretty.
Gives you a comfortable and cosy feeling.

Also, Coffeemin is somehow sharing location with Lockdown Sg,
So you could actually go for a game at Lockdown while chilling in there.
(Charged separately of course!)

And if the snacks aren't to your liking, 
You could actually bring your own food in too!

What I think about Coffeemin?

What I like about it
I like how they decorate the place so nicely, I feel really comfortable during my stay in there.
And because it wasn't crowded when I visited them, it felt really good. I had my space and privacy with my family and Mr Wan. We get to try out the Pool table, play the Xbox, seat around and really chill without any outsider disturbance.

What I don't really like about it
The Xbox games were really limited, mostly downloaded off the XBOX Games Store, thus, most of the games were TRIAL mode and there wasn't much we could play.
We had to hold onto this receipt to keep track of our "check in" and "check out" time, which was really troublesome, especially if you were to be changing from stations to stations (like maybe xbox to pool to sitting on the table etc) and it sometimes gets misplaced.

Well, it's definitely an interesting concept where everything in there is free and all you gotta pay for is your stay in there. But if it's crowded and stuff, tbh, I won't even bother stepping in.
But then again, this is the kind of place I would love to go to with my friends after school, just hang out there while some chill, some study, some play games, some talk and such. It could also be a place for parents to gather at, while they talk and catch up, their kids could be playing around.

Oh, P.S. They have an outlet at Clark Quay too!

For more info: