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Mar 18, 2015

Updates in Life

(This photo is a major throwback for CNY this year - because I'm too lazy to doll up after CNY.)

I know I haven't been updating my blog much about my personal life because I'm really busy.
So here's an update - for you and for myself to keep track of my life too!

Disclaimer : It'll be a super wordy post.

Okay, so what have I been up to recently?
Actually, nothing much. But yet, a lot of things.

I know I contradict myself but it's true.


So firstly, 
What I've been doing nearly everyday for the past 1 year.
(Most frequently asked question)

I've been working full time in a Maritime/Shipping company for the past one year,
holding a job title of "Business Process Management Executive"

For those who're asking - "What do you do in your job?"
Here's a brief summary Google came up with from Wikipedia -

It sounds convincingly interesting and fun, but I guess it's just not my cup of tea after all.

I'm not saying that my company is bad or anything close to that. In fact, my company is great - Great benefits and not mentioning the good pay too. And in fact, I was really honored to be given the chance to travel to Japan twice within this short period that I was attached to them. Things were really challengingly fun when I had projects on hand to work on, the down point is the daily routined job that I felt slightly bored - I'm not excelling in the way I wanted to.

So I guess that sums up my answer to you guys who have been probing into what I'm doing.

And yes, I'm still working with them but I might be finding another job that would be of relevance to my degree - speaking of which I'd talk about next.


I've registered for my Part Time Degree course with Kaplan in Northumbria University -
BA (HONS) Business with Marketing Management

It was a really impulse yet well-made decision to register for it.
I've graduated from Poly for let's say, 4 years? And I've never really wanted to take a degree.
Not that I don't see it as a need, but more of, I don't know what I really wanted to study.

In any ways, Mr Wan just ORD last year end and after his first job, he felt that a degree was needed to for his career. And so, we both impulsively signed up for the course in early Feb and we're starting school at the end of this month. It's really happening too fast, I'm not sure how to react to it. I guess I'm feeling fear more than any other emotions I should, I'm afraid of coping with school work, afraid I can't save enough to pay my school fees (Yes, I'm paying my own fees without any help or support from my parents), afraid I don't do well enough, afraid I fail in other sectors of life. Fear is containing me as the date draws near. I really hope I can pull through this 1.5 years and attain knowledge and good results from it.


Next up would be my external freelance "work".

1. I've taken up the role of Sales/PR for the EOY event this year!
*Pops confetti*

(*P.S. LIKE us on Facebook if you haven't already done so)

It's been one of my dream to be part of a Cosplay event committee, and I'm really thankful for this opportunity given to me. I guess workload isn't as much for now, but I'm already feeling the stress - fear for not being able to perform my roles well enough. 

2. Online Streaming -

 As usual, I'm still on Garena Talktalk 
(Aka GTalk - the one I mention on my FB Page every time)
It hasn't been easy streaming on Talktalk cause - Sorry to say but this is the truth - Most people there support those they deem wooable and it strikes out people who're seeking recognition for talent. Not gonna BM or say anything more here but I really hope my supporters who really support me (and you're reading this) would at least come for my session to listen to me sing. 

But anyway, I'm not here to talk about that. 

(Also a news to why I'm gonna get SO busy)
I will be debuting on a China online platform streaming soon - the previous one got scrapped cause they demanded that I can't stream anywhere else except their platform, which means I would have to give up my Gtalk audiences, which I eventually rejected. So now, I'm soon going to be debuting on another platform that allows me the freedom to still stream at Gtalk :) - I will announce my sessions there once contract is signed and everything is firm.


And last but not least, 
I've finally taken up Driving lessons!!

How was it?

It was really frightening for the first few lessons - I took private classes so the first lesson itself was already on the road!! But after 14 lessons now, I guess I can say it's slightly fun and less scary as it was before. What's scaring me now is my TP which will be in April, and I haven't even went into the circuit to do parking yet!! It's freaking the hell out of me because I really don't want to waste time and money to retake my license - I'm starting school end of this month.

That aside, I believe it's a good investment. I just hope I could get it upon my first try!

So yes, this post sums up to why I'm SO busy lately.
I'll try my best to blog/vlog/do covers whenever I can though!

(P.S. It's not even April and I'm like almost half packed, tho most of them are due to school)

#okbye, gotta rush out now.