Noelle Mikazuki

The Awesome One

Nov 16, 2015


Disclaimer - Wordy post ahead:

I guess it's about damn time that I updated this space of mine on my life.

As usual, the easy excuse would be saying that I'm crazily busy in life.
So what have I been up to lately?
School, Freelance Work, Teaching, Singing, Rushing Assignments, Catching up with friends.

I'd say that my life is more hectic and worrying now compared to the days I held a full time job, but I never once regretted because I really love what I'm doing right now - considering the fact that I'm still studying part time. It feels like I'm living my life fuller and learning more when I step out of my comfort zone every single time. And I'm still really glad that I went ahead with my decision despite negative feedbacks from my peers.

So anyway, Talk talk from Garena has officially "closed" down - no official sessions, and I'm hesitating to start on foreign platforms mainly due to cashing out issues and uncertainties. I'm really glad I held a DNA outing (picture above) before it closed cause I guess everyone is moving on in life without it. BUT BUT BUT, I will be doing streaming for a short while under Asiasoft soon. So yeah, you guys would get to see me live again - no singing though LOL. 

More to the personal side, I'm really happy somehow that I got to be single for a period of time this year. This was the only time I really took a step back to enjoy alone time, catch up with my friends, and realise the importance of a balance between friends and your partner in life. I'm blessed to have friends who would stand by me no matter what happens and are always there to hear me cry and rant about the same thing over and over and over again lol - and doesn't need each other to constantly be in contact to maintain that bond. 

I'm just actually really satisfied with life right now.
No, not everything is going smooth-sailing for me. But I've got all I need, and I'm working for what I want. There are days I dwell in bed over how hectic my schedule is, but the rest of the days I literally smile to myself and feel so fortunate and blessed at where I am right now. 

No actual reason why I'm typing this post, I guess I just miss jotting my life journey and emotions down on this space of mine just because it became too "public" and unsuitable for too personal emotions and events that are happening. 

But along with my Thailand trip in 10 days (9 days cause it's past midnight), I really look forward to taking tons of pictures and blog about my holidays once again - though I haven't finished, and doubt I would, on my Taiwan nor previous Bangkok trip hurhurhur. And I guess, from now till I really found my passion for this space back, I won't be drafting any more advertorials (unless it's really so damn damn damn good or interesting that I really want to share with you guys - pr speech lol)

Okay, time for me to crash.