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Feb 7, 2011

New Resolution

I've decided to strike off all my NY Resolutions I blogged about previously and focus on one right now.

To live for myself and no one else.

I'm going to start taking up courses & make my time as occupied as possible.
Today, I finally learnt that, life is a battle you fight alone.
No matter how close someone is to you, your kin, family, boyfriend, husband, bff, etc.
They will never truly be there for you.
It's a minimal 0.00000000000001% that you'll meet a person that is selfless and willing to sacrifice their life for yours.

It's just like a movie.
In your movie, everyone else are side characters or even calefares.
You're still the main character and it's seldom that main characters die for side characters.

So yea, harsh fact.
Hate it but gotta accept it.

I will not be that Noelle that does everything to please everyone but end up being unhappy myself.

I don't care if people stop loving me for what I'm going to be.
Because I had enough of being Ms Nice and getting trampled like dirt.
I'll be nice when I should be and be mean when I must be.
I will not go the extra mile for people that are not worth it.

never again.

I'll love those that love me and for those who hate me, I'll fuck care.

My theory of life now,
Treat me good and I'll treat you better.
and no longer, I'll treat you best and hope you treat me good anymore.

(P.S. I'm not doubting those friends that were there for me. I appreciate you guys sending me supportive messages and stuff, it really made my life feel better than I thought. Thanks.)

(P.P.S. This post is not dedicated against anyone. It's just many things that happened that made me feel this way.)

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