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The Awesome One


My name is Noelle, Noelle Mikazuki.
And I literally hate writing descriptions stuffs such as "About Me" or "My Pros/Cons".
It's either I write too little, or too much.

Mikazuki is not in my given name. It was just a stage name created in the past when I was in the J-scene. I'm from Singapore and I live a pretty normal yet abnormally hectic life. I'm more of a geek than a chick kind of girl, I spend most of my earnings on gadgets than clothing. My computer is literally my life. I shop online, talk online, sing online, read online, watch shows online// you get what I mean.

I got my ABRSM Grade 8 in both Theory and Practical for Classical Piano when I was 15 and graduated with a totally non music relevant diploma course from Singapore Polytechnic.

I love singing and I practically sing as much as the hours that I'm awake, not always aloud though. But there's always a melody going on in my head at every single point of time in my life. Because I pretty much suck at talking/writing, I use music to express myself whenever I'm happy/sad/bored/anything, though I tend to get more inspirations to write songs whenever I'm sad. I've not been professionally trained in vocals or performing, whatever I've learnt was from YouTube and pure dedicated hard work.

I sing online at Garena Talk as a Singing DJ as and when I'm free, and I do regular/freelance gigs at pubs/weddings/events. (For service engagement, email me!)

I literally blog about anything and everything I feel like blogging about, and I never aimed to achieve much from blogging in the start. As I got along, I slowly gained a slight bit of fame and I felt that this could help me in my music path in future. Because the more people get to know about me, the more chances of my Original music getting known to the world in future when I publish it, and I truly pray for that day to really come.

I'm not someone that would blog about nice things only, I'm very honest to myself and my readers and I would never recommend/praise something I'd never like. It's either I say it's good, or bad, or I don't comment on it. But when I say it's good, it's definitely good, at least to my definition of good.

I love to interact with my readers/supporters so you could ask me things on or comment on my Facebook page and I'd be most glad and honoured to reply them! The links are on the sidebar so don't be shy :)

I personally have a few aims I'd like to achieve in this whole life of mine, though a few of them are really quite near the edge of impossible:
* YouTube Million Subscriber Medal
* Profile on Wikipedia
* Single Original Album/Track on iTunes
* Be happy everyday

And as I said from the start, it's either I write too little, or TOO MUCH.
Sorry for the wordy About Me, I hope you got to know more about me and if you manage to read through every single word of this page, YOU'RE AWESOME (Y).

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