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Dec 12, 2017

Summary of 2017 - Worst & Best Year

I guess it is yet again time of the year to write this post, probably for myself to keep track of my life in a nutshell and see how much I've changed or improved, and slowly hitting my bucket lists along the years.

For those who're close to me, you'd probably know that 2017 started off devastatingly for me. It was one of my worst rock bottom moment and it happened right at the start of the year, could you imagine that! Hahaha. But I'm glad, with the support from my family and friends, I turned into someone stronger, better. The year gradually picked itself up and I was blessed with many delightful events and opportunities, and got to know many amazing beings out there!


So let's see..
(written in 2016, doh.)

1. Keep blogging - nope, didn't manage to do it. 2017 was way too happening and busy for me. But this is something I definitely want to try to commit too, again, in my resolution for 2018!

2. Do new covers - at least 3 - well.....I did 1 cover and 1 original. I guess it is pretty much a "Yes I did it"..(?) .___.

3. Be able to perform in guitar + vocals - Definitely a YES. Not to the extent of "pro" or being able to play any or every song, but I'm proud to say that I am able to play songs with basic chords and pluck/strum patterns! (Click HERE to watch!) And I do believe that with more practice, in time to come, I will be better!!

4. Spend more time with my family and friends - Definitely a YES as well. I guess I have never once realised the importance of my family and friends till this year. And I'm glad I did. Even though I'm pretty much caught up with work, streaming, traveling, singing, I did make time once a month to meet up with my different group of friends. And I'm really grateful for them to there for me every single time I fall. I've definitely done something really right in my previous life to deserve such family and friends in my life.

5. Start saving up - EHHHHHH..I wouldn't say a NO or YES to this. I did start saving up, but due to constant travelling....I didn't really save much. HAHAHAHA.

6. Start taking vitamins - Nope, didn't and never had the habit to popping vitamins everyday. HOWEVER, I did start to eat more vegetables and fruits! Even I, myself, am impressed with the change of my diet! So I guess vegetables and fruits DO have vitamins in them and this is a "YES" right? Hahahahahaha!!

7. Exercise!!  - NAHHHHH, still didn't manage to find time for it :x

8. Better time & emotion management - Definitely a YES. I wouldn't say that I've mastered it well but I guess, compared to 2016, I did make a quantum leap in terms of time and emotion management.

.        .        .        .        .        .

Well..I guess that's like a 5.5 out of 8 resolutions done(?)
Not too bad tbh, I never thought I'd have achieved these resolutions!

I'd like to highlight some highlights/personal achievements of 2017, though.

1. I Travelled To A New Country

It was one of my resolution/goal in 2016 to travel to a new country/state, basically somewhere I've never been before. And YES (as most of you who followed my IG would know), I went Germany in May this year! & I'm quite glad (tho broke) that I travelled quite a bit this year :) Click HERE to see more pictures!

2. Solo Travelled, Twice in 2017

Although to the same city, Taipei, this was my first time doing solo travel. Something I've always wanted but was too afraid to do so. The first solo trip was unplanned for, devastating yet enlightening. But during the trip, I learnt how to be independent, how to cut myself some slack, how to enjoy the moment, how to get away from social media, work, and everything else in the world. I "found" myself back during the trip, I learnt to love myself and be who I really am. I did things I would never be able to do if I was travelling in a group - exploring random alleys; trekking (at a very slow pace); getting lost; getting picked up on streets; watching movie alone; knowing new people; meeting up TW singing friends; riding around the city with their local "uBike" and so many more!
(Not completely updated cause I REALLY AM TOO BUSY SORRY)

The second solo trip to Taipei was planned for, to get a small getaway for myself to have some time and space alone before my friends joined me a few days later. I was supposed to blog about it, but I'm really too caught up at work.

All in all, I would say that I really love solo trips.
It gives me time to slow down my own train of thoughts and take a step back to appreciate the moments better. It made me more independent. & I really love how I don't need to accommodate to how people feel, want or think. I'd honestly say that solo trips are so addictive. I've read so much about it before my first solo trip, but I finally experience how much the experience will change you, inside out.

3. I Busked in Taipei

It has ALWAYS been on my bucket list to busk on the streets of Taipei since I started singing. Wasn't able to do it on my first solo trip because it rained and plans got cancelled. But on my second trip, I was so fortunate to have my TW friend busking (I went down to support him) and he called me up to sing a song! Shy as I was, I was super nervous and nearly choked on my racing heart.

Here's a short snippet of it -

4. I'm back to online streaming!

Finally after a hiatus of streaming online (since Gtalk closed in 2014) I'm back to online streaming - this time on Mobile Streaming Platforms. I'm currently doing regular streams on Loops Live SG, and random streams on random days on Bigo; Belive; Twitch!

With all my IGN being @NoelleMikazuki

If you're interested to watch me sing/tcss live, do join my DNA group cause I'd usually update my schedules in there!

5. Bands!

So..I've recently been in 2 bands, namely:

罐頭樂隊 - CAN

I guess most of you that watches my live performances at bistros/pubs would know who we are. We've been playing tgt for around 2 years (or more) and I really love playing with Chris because our chemistry in music is amazing. So anyway, we finally decided to create a FB/IG page so that we can build our video portfolios for future engagements! Do like us for more updates on our gigs/covers/performances!


XMX - 醉加樂團

It has always been my "dream" to build up an all-female band (ever since K-On!) and finally, I'm on my way to it! I'm glad 533 introduced to me Elaine (guitarist) and we kinda hit off pretty well - we're both very chin chai HAHAHA. We're still looking out for new members - keys & drums, and I'm really excited to one day perform as a all-female band for events!! *squeals* This is pretty new to me so it's like an experimenting band comparatively to CAN that's more towards the "ready-to-perform" stage. Do like us for more updates on our gigs/covers/performances!


6. Short Hair!

It's crazy, but after 12 years of long hair, I finally took up the courage to cut my hair short!
It wasn't as short as I've planned for, but still, the thought of cutting it short came through a few times without success. And finally before my birthday, I made the decision to!

I don't actually regret it because I think I looked pretty good in short hair (HA!!) but the maintenance part was hell'a tedious! I actually got to dry my hair and curl it on a daily basis else it'll flick outwards and look horrendous *scoffs* but I guess I've reached the point I don't really care unless I've got an event or something on hahaha!

7. New Experiences

I guess this is a slightly more personal part for myself to read back in time to come. But 2017 was the year I experienced the most drastic events, emotions, changes, and many more. But for a brief, I experienced so many new things other than Solo Travelling, such as: meet up groups where I got to know more singing kakis; dating apps where I got to know a few amazing souls from; rented a mini studio for a short period (finally); cafe hopping - which I never really fancied doing in Singapore; literally chilling with beer at a bistro with friend/s; cycling from ECP to MBS - crazy for someone that never ever exercises; first monster trucks event; trying out baseball for the first time; weekly steamboat lol; planning my whole family's Germany trip itinerary; knowing new friends overseas; making my own LINE stickers; new IEMs; getting hooked on dramas series; travelling with friend/s; dining on a boat;  and so much more. It's impossible to write them all out in here but I guess those are the main highlights (the rest would mostly be on my IG)

It's kinda crazy how a year could do so much changes in my life.
But I'm thankful and grateful for everything that happened & are about to happen.


Last but not least, in this year, I learnt to love myself better.

I grew to realise that I could never make someone like me, care for me, or to the extent of love me. I learnt that I don't have to actually care and neither do I have to need people to do so. I learnt that everyone has a different point of view and you don't really have to figure out "why" some people have a certain way of thinking or behaviour. Most of the times in the past, I was too concerned because I always felt that Actions led to Reactions and that it must have been my actions that led to others' reactions of not liking me. But going through so much struggle with myself this year, I finally got to realise that, people are going to judge you based on what they think, not exactly what you do. And one size can never fit all - we can never ever make anyone/everyone like you.

I learnt to be myself.

This year, I finally put myself as the center of my life's focus. I learnt to say NO to what I didn't like, walk away from emotions that hurt me, stand firm for what I want in my life, and live my life the way I like it to be. Not being selfish, but knowing my self-worth.

I learnt to take things slow.

I have never in my life watched drama series after work everyday but I have been doing that in the past month and it felt really great to have a "work-life" balance. For the first time in my life, I'm living my life for myself. Living the moment, appreciating every moment.

Though I'm still constantly learning how to be a better me, I really love myself the way I am and where I am in life right now. I'm really thankful for my family and friends I have neglected for the past few years, for always standing by me whenever I need someone. And for the first time in my life, I reciprocated to these people that has always been showering me with love.


And finally, before ending this post,

1. Catch falling snow!
2. Travel to somewhere new
3. Blog more (As usual..hurhurhur)
4. Save up & probably commit to some savings/investment plan
5. Have sufficient rest everyday (Aka. Rest early)
6. Sing & play the guitar & keys more
7. Spend more time with my family (Niece especially)

Nothing much I really want actually cause I'm pretty YOLO these days, I practically do whatever I think of and want to do HAHAHA. But still, had to come up with something to look back upon.


So I guess the next time I'd be updating this space would be in 2018..HAHA!

in advance.

I'm pretty excited for 2018 already.