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May 9, 2015

My New Gadget - KATA M3

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Yay to new gadgets!!
(You guys should know how much of a gadget freak I am)

So first and foremost, introducing to you



First question most of you would ask,

What/Who is KATA??!

Kata is a leading smartphone manufacturer in USA specialising in innovative mobile technology to produce high-end mobile devices, designed in USA but assembled in China like other top notch phone brands too!

So firstly, unboxing of the Kata M3!

It comes with the basics;
Earphones; Charger; Phone itself (doh)

And more photos of its sleek outlook:

Charging port located at an awkward left at the bottom of the phone

Speakers at the bottom back

Comparing its' size to my current Note 4
It's almost the same size, if not slightly bigger in terms of phone size.
Display is slightly smaller than the Note 4's 5.7", Kata M3 is only 5.5".

Due to the slight hunch design of the Kata M3, 
it feels a little bulkier than my Note 4 by just a tiny bit!

And yes, the Kata M3 runs on the Android Kitkat 4.4 system with a 1.7GHz Octa core CPU
Internal storage of 16GB with external memory card slot, and best part of it, DUAL SIM.
I can't express how important this is for people like me with 2 sim cards (or more when I travel) so phones with dual sim are a natural attraction to me!

I don't really want to harp more on the specs because it is very competitive with the other phones in the current market. You can click here for more specs details : KATA M3 SPECS

So, I had a 2 week hands on with M3 and what do I love about it?

I love the quality of their cameras best, especially their front camera and its make up mode!!

You know how some front camera stretches your face and make you look fat or like an alien at certain angle near the edge of the screen??! 
KATA M3 does a perfect job at selfies, I SWEAR.

This was a selfie taken with M3 without any edits under pretty poor lighting (in Burger King lol)
with the minimum make up mode!!
(I'll explain why maximum mode is not recommended later on, LOL!)

It's like almost the quality of my TR!

Classroom lighting - Without any edits either!

Other than its' camera, I really love the loudness of it's speakers,
and how awesome the video recording is!!

And yes, this cover was recorded with M3!

And the best part about M3 is


M3 is retailing at only SGD368!!

Follow their Facebook page for more details and updates!