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Aug 30, 2014

想对你说 - Original

So I finally decided to record my Originals in a Demo form.

Reason why I've been dragging this since the longest time is because I wanted to do a professional studio version with the BGM arranged properly but, I guess I don't and won't be having the resource in the near future so I've decided to just do a Demo version of it now since I'm in the mood to sing but don't know whose song to cover.

This song was written around 2 years back in 2012 when I faced on of the most major break up in my life.
I wrote this song after I felt better and..yeah, I liked it. HAHAHA.

This is kind of awkward for me for the first time cause self-composed songs are kind of personal. 
But I really hope you guys liked it too.

And for those who're facing a break up and feeling the same way I did back then..
Chins up, life goes on. And look where I am today!
Still alive and happier in fact!


心,还在痛 我,还在想 你,还会不会想念我 我,忘不了 你,说的话 心,不想面对这一切 我也想说,对你已没有牵挂 可是你却不断浮现在脑海里 心想要说,却一直没勇气说 其实我一直都爱着你 忘了吧,就让我忘了吧 那些你给我的回忆都(不)只是假象 也许这一切都是你的游戏 是我太用心 你说的每一句 我还记得 而你却走了 忘了吧,就让我忘了吧 那些没实现的承诺(我还)再不会期望 也许我(其实我)不想放弃不想离开 却不能再奢求 就算再痛再难过 还是想对你说,我想你 有时偶尔我也会狂想 其实你一直和我一样

I know my vocals ain't in the best condition and pitch now but, just make do with it ya


Aug 15, 2014

Coffeemin - Suntec City (Review)

First and foremost, this is not a sponsored review.

I just happened to be at Alive Museum and chanced upon Coffeemin's Suntec outlet.
I've seen their Facebook page previously and felt that this idea was pretty fresh and interesting.

So yes, I decided to give it a visit and let you guys know what I think about it :)

3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall
#03-377 Singapore 038983
Opening Hours : 11AM - 10PM daily
Contact : (+65) 6238 0370

So, the interesting thing about Coffeemin is,
You pay by the minutes you're in the Café, where everything else inside, is free.

It costs $1/ 10mins, which would cost you $6 for an hour (min 1 hour)
It's pretty affordable for an experience in there and you go in and chill.

Free drinks (Coffee machine and soft drinks dispenser), Snacks like cookies, Oreos, biscuits, 
They have a Pool table, Xboxs, Wifi, Desktops, Board Games.

It's pretty much the place I'd visit as a student after my school, 
or the hangout place I would go to back then when I was doing Outdoor Sales.

The environment and interior design was pretty.
Gives you a comfortable and cosy feeling.

Also, Coffeemin is somehow sharing location with Lockdown Sg,
So you could actually go for a game at Lockdown while chilling in there.
(Charged separately of course!)

And if the snacks aren't to your liking, 
You could actually bring your own food in too!

What I think about Coffeemin?

What I like about it
I like how they decorate the place so nicely, I feel really comfortable during my stay in there.
And because it wasn't crowded when I visited them, it felt really good. I had my space and privacy with my family and Mr Wan. We get to try out the Pool table, play the Xbox, seat around and really chill without any outsider disturbance.

What I don't really like about it
The Xbox games were really limited, mostly downloaded off the XBOX Games Store, thus, most of the games were TRIAL mode and there wasn't much we could play.
We had to hold onto this receipt to keep track of our "check in" and "check out" time, which was really troublesome, especially if you were to be changing from stations to stations (like maybe xbox to pool to sitting on the table etc) and it sometimes gets misplaced.

Well, it's definitely an interesting concept where everything in there is free and all you gotta pay for is your stay in there. But if it's crowded and stuff, tbh, I won't even bother stepping in.
But then again, this is the kind of place I would love to go to with my friends after school, just hang out there while some chill, some study, some play games, some talk and such. It could also be a place for parents to gather at, while they talk and catch up, their kids could be playing around.

Oh, P.S. They have an outlet at Clark Quay too!

For more info:

Aug 13, 2014

Alive Museum - Singapore

Sponsored Advertorial

Thanks to OMY, I got to go to ALIVE Museum in Singapore with Mr. Wan!
It was really cool, 3D paintings that you can touch and feel and take fun pictures at!!

So what's so special about ALIVE Museum?

Alive Museum actually originated from a 3D visual illusion museum in South Korea.
This (Alive Museum in Jeju) was also featured in this Korean Drama Heartstrings during Gyu-Won and Shin's first date together!! Super sweet!!

So here's the Singapore rendition!
I'd be allowing the photos to do the talking :)

I think I was quite a depressed infant, heh

This was pretty real, our legs went jelly after trying to look down!

Where is ALIVE Museum?
Suntec City Mall #03-372 (Between Towers 3 and 4)
Opening Hours: 10AM - 10PM (Last admission at 9PM)

Ticket Pricing:

For more info and promotions:

Aug 6, 2014

8D7N Taiwan Trip [Taipei] - DAY IV [2013]

I know I've procrastinated this post for a year now. 
But here goes, My experience at Shifen (十分)

Most of you probably know of this place as the 
"那些年我们一起追过的女孩" place. 
(Na Xie Wo Men Yi Qi Zhui Guo De Nv Hai)
But if I'm not wrong, that was filmed in Pingxi, not Shifen lol.

So first question most people ask, how do you get there?

Directions to Shifen :

When you get to Taipei Main Station (MTR), tap out and follow this sign below that'll lead you to TRA.

You'll see this confusing-many-buttons machine and that's where you'll need to get your tickets.

If you're lucky, you'll meet this really friendly old pap that'll help you to buy your tickets, with no additional fee.
If not, follow the steps below and you'll be good to go.

A round ticket costs you NT88, est SGD3+!

Up till now, I still somehow find the platforms confusing.
So main point is, check the timing of your train against the one on the platform board.
If you're still unsure, ask the TRA staffs, they're really friendly.

And when you reach Rueifang station, you gotta come out and get tickets from Rueifang to Shifen at the counter right outside!

And make sure you board the right train, Pingxi Line, towards Jingtong. 
The train ride would last around 30-40 mins, 4 stops away from Rueifang Station

TADA, arrived safely :)

See how nice the skies and sceneries are in Taiwan?!! 

And once you arrived, you can spot tiny lanterns all over the skies, how heartwarming :)

There's a whole stretch of Sky Lantern shops there, but all the prices are the same.
There are mono-colored and some are multi-colored, costing NT150 and NT200 respectively.
(Which is around SGD6-8)

Of course, different colors has different "purposes"
These sky lanterns are said to grant you luck and make your dreams come true.
So whatever you write in there, will supposedly come true. 

The most generic kind of wishes for greedy people like me!
(P.S. My heart looks like it's bleeding, ouch)

The shopkeepers there were really nice.
They'll offer to take pictures for you (with your camera) as you let the lantern off, all the way till the lantern disappears.
So it's like a massive spam of photos on your camera/phone.
And this is with no additional costs, of course.

(P.S. Taiwan has the best services ever)

But I'd still recommend you to ask your friends to snapshot instead cause quality > quantity, right?

What else can you do on that island?

Stroll around and enjoy the street food and sceneries.
You could even cross this bridge to the other end but..I didn't dare to. 
*Phobia of heights*

You could also take the train down to Pingxi where there are bamboo wishing sticks
(Like the ones in MVP 情人)
I've yet to experience that yet but I'd definitely include that in my next trip to Taiwan!

There's this store that sells postcard and you could use their stamps!
They have so many pretty stamps!!

I saw a few travellers with their "stamp collection" book from all over the world!

And do take note of the last trains back! If not you'd be stuck on that island for a night!

That's all for now!
I'll complete my Café Tour before my next trip to Taiwan! HAHAHA.

Read more about my Taiwan 2013 trip on

P.P.S. I'm not blogging about my 2014 Taiwan trip because it was mere leisure (I woke up at 1pm onwards when I was there! Hahaha!) and I barely took any photos.