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Aug 30, 2014

想对你说 - Original

So I finally decided to record my Originals in a Demo form.

Reason why I've been dragging this since the longest time is because I wanted to do a professional studio version with the BGM arranged properly but, I guess I don't and won't be having the resource in the near future so I've decided to just do a Demo version of it now since I'm in the mood to sing but don't know whose song to cover.

This song was written around 2 years back in 2012 when I faced on of the most major break up in my life.
I wrote this song after I felt better and..yeah, I liked it. HAHAHA.

This is kind of awkward for me for the first time cause self-composed songs are kind of personal. 
But I really hope you guys liked it too.

And for those who're facing a break up and feeling the same way I did back then..
Chins up, life goes on. And look where I am today!
Still alive and happier in fact!


心,还在痛 我,还在想 你,还会不会想念我 我,忘不了 你,说的话 心,不想面对这一切 我也想说,对你已没有牵挂 可是你却不断浮现在脑海里 心想要说,却一直没勇气说 其实我一直都爱着你 忘了吧,就让我忘了吧 那些你给我的回忆都(不)只是假象 也许这一切都是你的游戏 是我太用心 你说的每一句 我还记得 而你却走了 忘了吧,就让我忘了吧 那些没实现的承诺(我还)再不会期望 也许我(其实我)不想放弃不想离开 却不能再奢求 就算再痛再难过 还是想对你说,我想你 有时偶尔我也会狂想 其实你一直和我一样

I know my vocals ain't in the best condition and pitch now but, just make do with it ya


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