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Sep 7, 2014

PHOOTPRINT - Live Instagram Printing Photo Booth

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Practically everyone loves parties, be it birthday parties, farewell, welcome, wedding, DnD etc.
And during such occasions, you'd take tons of photos with each other!

But usually after the party, you'd just upload them on instagram/facebook
or keep them somewhere in your hard disk/computers and some years later, lost it.
Some would plan to print them but most are usually lazy to.

So this is when Phootprint come in really handy!

What is Phootprint/What do they do?

They provide premium live Instagram Printing Photo booth at affordable rates!
Meaning, you just have to post your picture on instagram with the unique hashtag, and they'd print your pictures out for you!!

What's best is that you can customize the frame to your liking/design!!
(Depending on the package you get)

Check out my experience with Phootprint during Mr. Wan's 21st Birthday!

I got the "Just On Time" Package where you'd post pictures with the hashtag during your party,
and after your party, they'd deliver to you within an hour, JUST ON TIME before the guests leave.

And because the party theme was "POKEMON",
I got the frame to have something related to the theme, as below! :)

Super cute right??!

This was printed in the size of a standard credit card.
So you could actually place the pictures in your wallet, like a polaroid alike!
(Which means you can post your best pictures instead of a polaroid which has only 1 shot/picture)

So what do you have to do to get these pictures printed during the party?

So here's the list of photos with the hashtags of #Clive21st

It's great cause, especially in this era where nearly everybody is using Instagram,
They can just snap their own moments during the party and just hashtag to get it printed out!

Thanks Mr Giuseppe making the delivery personally and having it JUST ON TIME! :)

P.S. They're coming up with Stickers too :)

Here's the printed photos!! Looking really pretty!!
The guests loved it as much as I did, too!
And it's really handy to just keep it in the wallet/card holder!

Now you must be wondering,
How much does these cost?

It costs just $99 for the basic ones where they'll deliver to you the party photos within 48 hours!
And if you want something like mine, it'll be $149 only! 
Which is really reasonable and affordable (and fun for the guests) for a party!

More details can be found in the links below:

P.S. Follow their FB/Insta to take a look at their latest projects!
Some of them are really cool (might give you some ideas on the frame designs)

Leave your party memories with Phootprint today :)

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