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Nov 3, 2014

ZE-Bakery by ZEE&ELLE

Sponsored Advertorial

I'm so so so honored and glad that ZE Bakery agreed to sponsoring for Mr Wan's 21st.
And I got to say, they've got one of the best handmade pastries I've ever ate.

As mentioned in previous post, Mr Wan's birthday was around the theme of "Pokémon"
So, Elle (Lady boss of ZE Bakery) agreed to making the pastries along that theme!
It was a really good and meticulous effort made to customize these pastries to fit in the kiddy theme, but they did an awesome job for it!

Take a look at my dessert table!!

What I really really love about them is their effort for the details.

Now at the party, guests had to go through the tough decision on selecting their 1st pokémon again!

Earl Grey Cheesecake

Red Velvet Cupcakes & Earl Grey Lavender Cupcakes

One of my favourite of the night, 
Pokéball Macarons, with green tea filling  

And last but never least, introducing my favorite of them all,


Noticed how dedicate they were? 
Even the Food labels were printed to suit the theme!!

This is really the best Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart I've ever ate.
It's so good that I crave for it every now and then, I went back to purchase from them a few times already!

Come on, look at that Salted Caramel
It'll just ooze in your mouth once you take a bite on those tarts.

If not for my weak throat condition, 
I'd really love have this for breakfast and high tea every single day!

Once again, I'm really thankful to ZE Bakery 
(by ZEE & ELLE - they're a couple~ hehe)

Thank you for the lovely pastries that satisfied the guests' sweet tooth that night!

Do check them out!!
**Pssst, they recently run a food blog by themselves**

P.S. I'm craving for those tarts now T_T

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