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Jul 14, 2013

Bon Japan 2013


Were you there too at Bon Japan 2013 Themed Café too? 

Not much photos or words to blog about because I was really busy serving and enjoying.
Got to know and see many cosplayers and serve many new お嬢様 & ご主人様 :)

With le Applepie 
Love this girl a lot though we always appear to be "arguing", but that's just our way of communication :)

Tried the provided costumes for a little while in the middle of the event!
Kids go gaga over our costumes and want to take pictures with us! Adults too!

Furthermore, Doraemon; Hello Kitty; Rilakkuma are part of the 6 themes of the café!!

(Heng Lee; Tim; Yu Bin;)

For those who've missed the event today, 
Don't be too upset because there'll be more events coming up.

I'll update on my Facebook Page on the events I'm attending!

And lastly ending with the rare few selicas I've taken today!

Till then,

Most pictures were from Applepie's camera as I didn't have a pouch to carry my stuffs.

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