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Aug 14, 2013

Updates in Life!

to all of you guys out there reading this.

I know I haven't been updating my blog recently because my MacBook broke down.
So if you guys are active on my FB/Twitter, you'd have known that I got myself another MBP.

So once I got my Mac back, I'M HERE TO BLOG!!

What am I up to recently?

As usual, I'm on Garena Talk's Super DJ.
Mostly on Sundays or sometimes Saturdays.

Will update my FB Page/Army Group on my latest schedule and etc!

And I'll be working with PikaPika Meido Café for their next event on 18/8!

So if you're residing in Singapore/visiting Singapore,
Do check out our event and drop by to visit us!

I'll be there to emcee/serve/perform!

Guess that's about all for now, I'll try to update more on this space of mine soon!

Oh, and I'll be holding a giveaway soon too. 
I know I've been saying this since super long ago but I really didn't have the time to.
Will try to get it up by end of this month/start of next month!

Till then, BYE :)

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