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Jul 10, 2011

Night Market

Hi guys!

There's a night market going on near my house!
(aka Pasa Malam in Malay)

And there's this stall selling 臭豆腐(smelly beancurd)!!

Just a FYI;
Smelly Beancurd isn't a local delicacy from Singapore. it's from Taiwan/China!!
And as the name suggests, it stinks. quite a lot.

Boyfriend enjoying his smelly beancurd! haha.

I didn't try it!!
Not because it's too smelly (the one we bought wasn't as smelly as the original ones in Taiwan).
it's because I want to try the original ones in Taiwan first!!
Aiming to go Taiwan for my 21st birthday celebration!
(instead of a birthday party!)

hehe excited much!!

Bye guys!
Have a good weekend!!^^
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