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May 12, 2012

Steak Out!

Hello everyone!!

Scheduled post finally up! :)
As titled, STEAK OUT.

Went to this "restaurant/cafe" for some steak and it's pretty nice!

Okay, let the pictures do the talking yea?


So cute right the interior!



Ordered the lunch promo!
So it came with Mushroom soup, Main course, Free drink (Ice tea - Lemon; Peach; Lime), Cake.



200g of steak!


Medium done


Okay, so here's my overall review on it.

Food Quality: 7/10
Pretty average tasting beef flavoring (I ate it with mushroom sauce). Beef was well done and tenderness of it was pretty alright, not bad at all. But nothing that gives the wow factor. BUT IT WAS NICE STILL. Soup and cake was normal..

Service: 10/10
When my friends and I went there, there wasn't much people. So their service was like damn fast. But something to add on, their initiative. My friend who came later didn't order any main course, but the waitress took the initiative to ask him if he wants anything and after, pour a cup of ice water for him. Plus point! (Y)

Environment: 7/10
It's pretty small..but quiet and cosy. BUT, when I went down, there was like only 3 tables of people. So I'm not sure if it'll still feel the same when it's full house.

Price: 9/10
The steak there was considerably cheap compared to elsewhere (comparing the quality). The steak I ate (200g) was like, SGD14+? Adding the set lunch meal of SGD2, which only sums up to SGD16+. I would say it's worth the price! :)

Overall Rating: 8/10
I would say their service really brought up their rating. It would make me want to go back because it makes me feel welcomed and comfortable dining there. Besides, it isn't too costly and the food is great :)

Check their FACEBOOK page out:

More details:
#01-01, 89 Victoria Street
Singapore 188017
Tel: 6720-8103
Operating hour:
Daily from 11:30 to 22:00hr

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