Noelle Mikazuki

The Awesome One

Sep 15, 2012

Growing Up (?)


Sometimes I really miss the old me.

Although I was really impulsive and irrational, I felt happy from inside.
I did the things I liked, I chased after the things I love.
Happy or sad, I lived my life the way I wanted.

Happy, laugh out loud.
Sad, cry till my eyes swell.
Angry, curse and swear and rant on my blog.
Excited, jump around like an overgrown toddler.
I never once cared about my looks, my image, my reputation.

It's a kind of happiness I can never achieve with my maturity right now.

I hate how logical and rational I am sometimes.
There's a struggle within me in what I want, and what's best for me.

And sometimes, no one.
No one could really advise me on what I should do.

I miss me, the real me.

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