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Mar 8, 2014

Recent Addiction : I AM SINGER 2

Hello humans!

Not sure if you guys are into singing variety too but there's this recent singing compt going on that got me really addicted and staying tuned to every Friday night!

This program actually invites 
to compete with each other on stage.

I got interested at first cause Gary Chaw (曹格) joined it!

And after watching it, I FOUND NEW GEM.
Literally, GEM. Gem Tang.

And she's been my fav since the first episode!!
(I continued on to stalk her all around lolol!!)

This was her first performance.

It was too perfect.
What's more is, this song was written by her. Both lyrics and melody!

And it just gets better in the next few episodes!!
Here's one of my favorite

Visual, emotions, pitching, control of vocals, phrasing.

So after stalking her for her music and etc,
I realized......she's really cute! *dokidoki*

Check this out! 

Like seriously, which artistes nowadays, with such good looks and talents,

She appears really sincere and true to the audiences and fans (and me).
Which made it a super plus point!

So, brief background of her.
She's THE SAME AGE as me, yet she's well known in Hongkong, released number of albums and have had a few concerts already!!
(What on earth was I doing for the past 23 years of my life in music!)

And a bit on the KPO side..

GEM and YOGA actually dated before.

Two musically talented people.

Too perfect!
But according to "news", they appeared to have "broken up" already for now as Yoga's going to army and further his studies, taking a break off media industry. And their Weibo (China's Twitter) mentioned things like "we have our own paths in life" blablablah.

But to be honest,
I'm not buying this shit.

I think it's all for the show to public only.

OK, I sound super fangirl now.

But she's officially added on my idol list as from now on.
I really admire and envy her.

She's all I ever wanted to be in life.
Writing songs, singing them, letting the world hear her song.
Showing more emotions than just vocal skills on stage, being real despite the complicated environment.
That aura, it's so influential and contagious.

If you're wondering where to watch it live/latest updates,

The show runs Every Friday 8pm live.
And the recaps will usually be up at night or the next morning (Sat).

Do watch and share with me your fav!! :)
(Or fangirl/boy over GEM with me, heh)

Oh and before I go,

Cover of GEM's 泡沫!

Must explain for myself that this cover wasn't as good cause:

1. The start was too low, not my usual vocal ranged songs
2. I NG like more than 30 times, especially the parts where it got super emotional.
JUST BECAUSE OF THE LYRICS. Damn. And that made my voice really sore and tired towards the back :/
3. I just learnt this song 2 days ago before I recorded the cover lol!

But anyway,

#Sidenote: I really wish I could accomplish something someday.

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