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Feb 16, 2015

NIVEA Extra White & Firm Q10 Deodorant

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Headed over to Food for Thought a couple of weeks ago for NIVEA's new Deodorant Launch event!

Spot some familiar faces?
HAHAHA. I'm so lucky I met Sochii and Eileen there, 
if not the event would have been really awkward for me cause I didn't know anyone else there!

NIVEA has been around for more than 100 years and specialises in skin products ranging from your face, to your body and all the way to even your underarms!

SO today, I'll be blogging about Underarm Skincare.

This is really awkward cause I have NEVER had any conversations with friends/strangers about underarms before, it's like really personal and sensitive. But do you know that, people actually notices your underarms during normal days? (Especially guys, I heard)

Normally, girls would shave/pluck their underarms hair 
(If they're not so rich to go through IPL hair removal treatments)
And this actually causes your underarm skin to darken/sag!! - ewww

NIVEA has been the Number 1 Deodorant brand in Singapore for the past 4 years!
And they're best sellers are the whitening deodorants. I've heard from the other girls that used it saying the smell of the deodorants are light and it actually keeps them dry for 48 hours

And now there's the all new
  NIVEA Extra White & Firm Q10 Deodorant

What's different about this?
It not only has whitening, but also firming ingredients present (Co-enzyme Q10) to firm up saggy underarm skin cause by shaving/plucking. It's all-day anti-perspiration protects you from sweat and odour and could last up to 48 hours against sagginess and darkening.

To be honest, I've never used a deodorant in my life before.
Mainly because I didn't felt a need to - I don't really perspire and I don't have body odour.

But after this event, I've learnt that, deodorants not only help to protect against bacteria in sweat (that causes odour), it could also help to whiten the underarms and firm your underarm skin!

I've personally have started using NIVEA's extra white & firm Q10 Deodorant ever since this event
(Cause there was freebie in the freebie bag heh.)
And I really liked it a lot!! #truestory
It keeps my underarm really refreshed and cool for the whole day and I really see an obvious difference in my underarm skin tone and texture - FOR REAL.

You've to really try it to experience it!

With NIVEA, you don't have to be afraid of posing like Superstars anymore

So are you ready to shine?

This NIVEA Extra White & Firm Q10 Deodorant (50ml) is retailing at only $4.90
(And it lasts pretty long, have been using for about a week plus and it still seems full lol)
And it's available at any Watsons, Guardian, Super/Hypermart, and Major retailing stores!

There's the Spray-Deodorant and Roll-On type.
But I've heard from the emcee that the Roll-On type actually allow the skin to absorb better.

More details of NIVEA products can be found on their Facebook page!

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