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Dec 21, 2015

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

Hi guys

As usual at this point of the year, here's a cliche post to summarise 2015 and set new goals for 2016!
It'll be a rather length one since I haven't really been blogging this year.


So first, How was 2015?

It was pretty awesome in general.

I'm proud of myself to announce that I have completed 3 of my goals that I've set for 2015 (and actually for 2013 and 2014 too lol). Finally quit procrastinating and worked for something I really wanted in my life. So I'm just gonna share in this post a brief summary of what happened in my 2015!

First and foremost, I finally got a driving licence!! 
*Applauses please*

Secondly, I've set a goal in 2014 till 2015 to be more musically involved - Sing more.
And yeah, I kind of increased my amount of singing in this year. Got a few regular gig that happened (some stopped) and more external gigs this year comparatively to how it was in 2013 to 2015 when I started working full time.

Thirdly, I'm rather pleased with myself that I took a step forward to register for a private degree to advance my career path into an industry that I have passion over logic-money-earning like how I did in the past. Though studying and working at the same time is tough (and having some modules that are so horribly taxing), I'm glad that I made this decision for myself. 
*A side note along this point, I'M HALF WAY THROUGH MY DEGREE! 9 more months to go!!

Lastly, I'd like to say that 2015 was a really hectic yet fulfilling year for me.

Took up many new job assignments this year that allowed me to meet so many new people, including the many important people who supports me behind the screen. Events that make me feel exhausted as hell after work yet leaving me with contentment. It's really hard to explain. But I'm just glad I made decisions to step out of my comfort zone to strive for the things I want in life. I never thought that I would risk and quit my full time job while I'm studying, to pursue a financially unstable freelance path - just because I felt unhappy being where I was. 

Of course, I'd say that I'm blessed, too.
I was fortunate enough to have event jobs popping up consistently.

My only regret for 2015 was not being able to jot down my life journey in this space (or any spaces) of mine. It's a pity because it's part of growing up for me. (Seriously, I only blogged 10 plus posts for the whole year??! And having most of it being adverts. what..)

And this leads to my 
Resolutions/goals for 2016!

1. Blog more
2. Start pursuing my career after graduation
3. Attain Class 2b licence
4. Travel to new country(s)
5. Exercise once every week
6. Adjust my body clock to sleep before 1am every night and wake up at 9am by the end of 2016
7. Do more covers - Sing more (before I get back into the workforce)
8. Have better time management
9. Have better guitar skills (at least be familiarised with ALL the chords)
10. Stay positive!

That's all,
Looking forward!

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