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Jan 13, 2018

8D7N Solo Taiwan Trip [2017] - Qingjing Farm + Swiss Garden

Words + Pictures Heavy Post

Extremely belated post but I really wanted to blog about this because this was my first solo trip & first time I made my own journey to another city in Taipei on my own and eventually lost my way lol.

So anyway, for those of you who wants to go to Qingjing, 

I actually Googled & followed their instruction to take a train down to Qixia to take a direct bus from there to Qingjing. And guess what? That f*cking bus service operates only ONCE a day in the morning at 11AM. If you miss it, that's it - you gotta find other alternatives!

So, ignorant me went ahead to wake up late and take a afternoon train down to Qixia and when I reached my station, it was already 4 plus in the late afternoon and the sky was getting really shady. I waited at the bus stop foolishly, and was getting worried. Luckily, Taiwanese are the friendliest & kindest people you can ever meet. Some passerby told me that the bus only comes once a day in the morning and guided me to take another bus that led me to the main bus station in Taichung. 

Upon reaching the main bus station, the bus captain told me that it was too late and the bus services that drives up to Qingjing wasn't operating already - it was only 5 plus in the early evening at that time!! I panicked and asked for his advice and another bus captain at the interchange came over and offered to help me arrange for transport. He asked for my hotel details & called my hotel for me to liaise with them to pick me up from a bus stop with their private van, then led me to a bus and told me countless times where to alight and that the mini van will be there waiting for me and transporting me to my hotel, constantly giving me assurance to not worry and that I'll be ok.

Whatever happened after, I was completely lost. I was so afraid and there were too many emotions going on through my mind at that point of time other than getting lost. I clearly remembered how badly I cried once I boarded the minivan. 

I don't remember the bus captain's name or anything. 
But THANK GOD for such kind souls that helped me along this journey.
Couldn't imagine what else I could've done without them. 


Pictures I took on the train to Qixia - before knowing how much I was getting myself into LOL.

.        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .

Moving forward to after I alighted the van & finally settled down in my hotel.

This was the hotel/minsu I stayed at - 

The place was beautiful & peaceful. 
And why I booked this minsu? Because of this spectacular sky gazing view area.  

Some say that if you're lucky enough, you'd be able to spot a shooting star clearest from this view.

But that very night that I got lost and found out some doings about someone that I used to hold dearly, there was only 1 star shining bright in the sky. I've no idea why but I broke down at that spot after such a tough & emotional day. I swore to that only shining star in the sky that I would be stronger, and would never ever be vulnerable enough for anyone to hurt me ever again. 

And because I arrived so late in the night, there was no other food options available other than cup noodles from the minsu. And that was my first meal and last for the day. Worst day in Taiwan, yes.


Here's how my room look like

It was simple, nothing fanciful, but clean. 
And I love how I could look out of the window with a great view when I wake up in the morning.


What I love best about Qingjing was that it felt really peaceful.
I feel detached from the busy world I'm in when I was there. I stopped using my phone as much and slowly learnt to appreciate the surrounding sceneries, the weather, the breeze, and nature in general. 

More views from my minsu before I move on to the farm.

.        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .

So foolish me, again, decided to WALK from my minsu to Qingjing farm because I spent 600TWD on the minivan the night before and wanted to save on taking the cab. I thought it'll be nice to have a morning stroll - 


On my way up, I realised it was a f*cking 2KM walk UPSLOPE and immediately regretted my decision. But it was too late to hail a cab on the way up - there were no empty cabs. 
& P.S. I don't even do 500M of walk nor take 2.4 during schooling times.

With my cameras & tripod (that weighed at least 2KG) load on my shoulders.
Lastly, without water.

Really, how bad could my trip go LOL.

But after the torturous 2KM upslope stroll, lol, it really wasn't that bad.
I got to stop by and see many sceneries, though I was too tired to take my camera out to capture them.
And I felt like I've overcame a challenge I put onto myself, that felt great.

.        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .

Definitely, when I finally reached Qingjing Farm,
Everything I've went through for the past 24h was worthwhile!

You gotta buy entrance tickets that costed NT160 for weekdays & NT200 for weekends.

This was really cute. It's a stamp for re-entry!

Stopped by for some food before I carried on to see some sheep!
Yes, this was my first meal of the day. I must have been really crazy back then to want to walk 2KM without any food or water. HOW DID I EVEN DO THAT. 

Anyway, the food tasted normal, not really great but there ain't much choices up there. 

And finally..the moment I've been looking forward to most.


This looked like the route in Initial D. LOL!

.        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .

It was a crazy hike up to Qingjing & within Qingjing itself. 
I have no idea how my legs did it without breaking apart, considering the fact that I barely walk on a daily basis, not to mention exercise. 

I went on to Swiss Garden, via cab this time round - finally my brain was functioning normally again.
To be honest, there was nothing much there to see if you're not really into flowers (?) They have this flowers garden that you can visit upon paying admission fee but I wasn't too keen and I wasn't in the mood for steamboat so..really, nothing much there to visit.

.        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .

Checked out after the Swiss Garden visit and headed back to Taipei.
Took the minsu-arranged transport back to Taichung Station where I took a train back to Taipei.

I'm not sure if saying "I was glad I got lost" is the right phrase to use because I wished I didn't.
But the experience did change me and made me stronger, challenged myself and brought myself out of my usual comfort zone. I learnt to enjoy the moment itself and understand that everything will be alright at the end of the day as long as you stay strong and push on. 

I learnt that I can be strong, alone.

So yes, hope you guys enjoyed reading how I got out of my mind to
- Travelled to a new city alone
- Got lost & cried like a crybaby
- Hike 2KM upslope without food or water


Till the next belated post, xoxo.

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