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Sep 13, 2010

AFA'10 Press Conference!

MMK maids & *new* butlers!
This time's MMK would be uniformed theme! nice, refreshing at least!
Oh, and Zacson's in the butler's list! omg right! didn't know he was into this too!


YESYES!!! I know a lot of girls reading my blog must be jealous now! lol.

He's rather cute when he talks! omg!

& one damn act cute camwhore photo before I go!!!

Camwhored quite a bit today!
Cause I managed to put on fake lashes today by my own! (^o^)v
First time ever!!!

Going to buy more on Wednesday & get my hair cut before Thursday!

Oh btw, Photobucket's down and it kinda sucks because I'm quite reliant on 'em! :(
So yeah, make do with these weird sized photos for the meantime till Pb's better.

Are you guys ready for AFA X?


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