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Jan 1, 2011





Okay, I've thought of my new year resolution for the whole night!

Here goes!

1. Plan My Future

Yeap, as you guys may know, 2011 is a very important year for me. I'll be graduating in less than 4 months' time! And I've yet to plan my future, whether to further my studies or step into the working industry. And if I were to further my studies, what should I study? Still a very big unresolved worry of mine! I must plan my future! soon! really soon! hahahaha.

2. Bring Music Back into My Life!

I've been neglecting music in 2010! Partly due to busy school schedules and events, but no excuses! Music must come back in my life! Be it singing or piano or violin or guitar! I miss Music..

3. Have A Healthier Lifestyle

Be it regular sleep, regular meals, or even to the extend of exercising! hahaha. I know baby will be overwhelmed at this resolution! lol.

4. Change my Blogskin!

I think my blogskin looks dull and boring! hohohoho! I'll change it as soon as I've the time to!

5. Be more independent!

I think I've been relying a lot of baby and friends around me. It's time I mature and be more independent! Though I hope they'll be there for me everytime! hehehe!

6. Better Time Management

I think I've to manage time more properly, and stop being late! heh. Also includes self discipline to do according to what I planned! If not I'm really wasting time when I should be doing work! And to all those I put airplane on, I'm so sorry! Sincerely! I'll plan my time better this year!

7. Open A Blogshop

YES I KNOW I SAID I WILL NEVER OPEN A BLOGSHOP AGAIN! Ok, point is, human changes. HAHAHA. okay lah, I'll try my best to be committed! I'm really putting a lot of effort this time! And planning! Using what I learnt in school! heh. So MAYBE it'll be different this time! hehehe.
(P.S. I've never made any loss on blogshops before, it's just that it's hard to commit to always take in stocks, you'll get my drift when you're doing it too!)

8. Find Back My Confidence!

I've to start being more confident in myself. Start loving myself more! I always feel inferior to everyone out there! So not like me :( I promise this year I'll find my confidence back and me the old confident Noelle! ^^

9. Start Saving Money!

I always spend what's in my bank :( which is so so so so bad! Now I want to buy an MP3 so badly also can't! hurhur. I must start saving so in case I want to buy anything in future, like urgent or what, I won't be so pathetic! haha. And also for food lah! hehe.

10. Optimistic! Be Happy Everyday!

2010 was like 80% emo! I don't want 2011 to be like this too! I'll make sure I try my best keep a happy heart and mood everyday! Just like the Old Happy Noelle! hehe. Reminds me of Old Mac Donalds! hahaha!

I'm done with my resolutions!
Hope I really fulfill some resolutions here this year!

& 2011's really special because it's the first year Baby & I set a mutual resolution together!^^
Believe 2011 would be much better than 2010!


(P.S. I'll be very busy lately with School work and stuff!)
(P.P.S. BUT I've scheduled a few advanced post(s)!)

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Mirei ♥ said...

hehe your pic super chio!

And happy new year to you~ :D