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May 18, 2011

Things to do from 1st-17th of June


1. A Photoshoot 
a PJ photoshoot with Mirai, and also another random photoshoot for some of my new clothes, and one for my blog header! I want more pictures!!

2. A New Blog Header
getting bored with my blog header already! time to change! 

3. Spring Cleaning
yes, I know it's summer already. but I've just bought nearly SGD$300 of taobao items, and I doubt my room would have space. So it's time to clear away old stuff and bring in the new! no more teens clothings! 

4. Pack My Luggage
for holiday, duh.

5. Do A Cover
I know I've been wanting to do it since such a long time ago, but my laptop's mic doesn't work. I've bought a mic online, will arrive soon and I'll be able to do covers already! Hope the quality is good, and no lags pls.

6. Change The Layout of My Blog
If I'm free and have the mood to do it!

7. Finish Macross Frontier & Gosick

8. Download More Animes
Please intro me more pls pls pls! heh!

9. Finish Arranging ALL Album Arts & Artiste Name & Album in My Classic
have been dragging this for a long long time. hate to see my songs with all the unknown weird characters and no pictures! very conscious about this, lol!


11. Find More Things to Do.

Next few posts will be on:
1. TJW's Birthday
2. My New Netbook
3. Basketball?
4. Graduation

I'm so excited for my trip to States!! will be meeting my aunt and cousins!
Looking fwd to lots and lots of fun! woosh~

Will be taking a lot a lot a lot of pictures too!!

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