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May 12, 2011

Nail Polish Review - Tony Moly

Hello everyone!

Sorry that I've been away for such a long time!
Been really lazy to edit photos and such!! o(//_//)o

Anyway, I'm here today to show off my new nail polish!
And recommend to all you girls (or guys even) this brand of nail polish!



It's as awesome as OPI Nail Polish, or maybe better!
And the best thing is, it's so much cheaper than OPI nail polishes!

Ok, let me show you the before and after!!


My index finger, without any nail polish or anything!
(yea, I bite my fingers :X)


Step 1: 1st Layer, Oil for the skin! 
To be applied on the skin area around the nail to protect the skin from the nail polish!


Step 1, Checked.


Step 2: Base Coat, to protect the nail and strengthen the nail!
This is a MUST step if not your nail will die each time you apply nail polish!


Step 2, Checked.



Step 3: Apply the Nail Polish!
Choose the color you want! I've decided to use Baby Pink and Blue!

And here is how it'll look like after everything!!
(The applying's a bit uneven because I'm not a manicurist, lol!)



Everytime I look at it, I'll have cravings for Cotton Candies! Strawberry & Blueberry flavor!!

And why do I say it's better than OPI nail polish?

1. It takes so much faster to dry up

2. The color's more obvious

3. It's so much so much cheaper

4. I love the brand! hehehehe, okay this one's being biased. hahaha!

Tony Moly's a Korean brand selling skincare, cosmetics, and many grooming stuff for guys & girls!
(I'm currently using the moisturizer from there, because it's the rare 
few moisturizer that doesn't contain citric acid in it!^^)

There's a store in Bugis Junction, Marina Sq, and Raffles Xchange!!

Do check their stores out!!

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