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Jun 22, 2011

I Miss Singapore(;_;)

Hi peops!!

Greetings from Boston!!

it's 11PM over here now, exactly 12 hours slower than Singapore time!!
Everyone's asking me how I'm doing here, so yea.
I've been to a lot of cool places in NY! Statue of liberty, Rockefeller center, Grand Central, etc!
Weather here's awesome, except that it's a lil dry(makes my contacts damn dry) and it gets super HOT in the afternoon!
But it's only for that few hours of hotness, it's perfect besides that!!
Enjoying everything here!!
but it's kind of tiring everyday once it hits 8PM (Sg 8AM). and I wake up at 6AM naturally everyday T____T

and of course, I miss Singapore. a lot ;(
though I'm having loads of fun w my aunt and cousins here, I miss home.
Miss spamming twitter any time I want, Facebook, sharing pictures with you guys every now and then, blogging every night when I'm free.
Here, even if I had the time to, I'm too tired to.
and I miss my mum. miss hugging her every morning and disturbing each other.
and boyfriend. talking to each other anytime we want. now my morning's night and my night's morning :( baby's sleeping in the night when I'm awake. and working in the morning when I'm going to bed. kinda sucks.

but oh well.

I do enjoy staying here.
the environment and culture's so much better.

alright, I'll update this space soon peops.
do continue to check out this space everyday okay!!^^

time to head to lalaland for some supper!


(p.s. the photo above's taken in the changing room! should I buy the cardigan??)

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