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Sep 24, 2011

Formula One Singapore Practice Round (2011)

Hi guys!

As you've seen from my FB page, I've been to the F1 practice rounds yesterday!
First time there and it was pretty awesome. 


Nope, I did not buy the tickets. My boss had tickets and invited me along!^^


Little photog spotted behind the blue cap guy!
He was damn cute I swear, super enthu F1 fan!


Another cute little photog! (Y)



Accident!! (Didn't manage to capture the shot where the wheel was on fire!)


Nice scenery!


And finally the video of the car!!

The car was too fast for my camera shuttle speed! (I didn't bring my lx3, damn!)
Even an iPhone's camera's faster than my らい

So I decided to record it, better right! With sound!

Now, who's going for the finals? 

See you guys around!
Need to rush to my colleague's baby shower now!! 

(Didn't upload pictures of my boss & colleagues here because I think it won't be nice to, but all my colleagues are really a bunch of very out-going and caring and funny and helpful and, in short AWESOME people!)

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