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Nov 15, 2011

Lisa - Ichiban no Takaramono (一番の宝物)


きみが教えてくれたんだ もう恐くない
どんな不自由でも幸せは掴める だから

ひとりでもゆくよ 例え辛くても
きみと見た夢は 必ず持ってくよ
きみとがよかった ほかの誰もでもない
でも目覚めた朝 きみは居ないんだね

ずっと遊んでれる そんな気がしてた
気がしていただけ わかってる
祭りの後みたい 寂しいけどそろそろ行こう

どこまでもゆくよ ここで知ったこと
きみと離れても どんなに遠くなっても
新しい朝に あたしは生きるよ

ひとりでもゆくよ 死にたくなっても
声が聞こえるよ 死んではいけないと
例え辛くても 寂しさに泣いても
心の奥には 温もりを感じるよ

巡って流れて 時は移ろいだ
もう何があったか 思い出せないけど
目を閉じてみれば 誰かの笑い声


Whenever we saw each other all we did was fight.
But those were also wonderful memories.

You taught me so much; I’m not scared anymore.
No matter how difficult I can grab hold of happiness, so…

I’ll go by myself, even if it looks painful,
I’ll always carry on the dream I had with you.
Being with you was so wonderful; There was no one else.
But when I woke up in the morning, you weren’t there.

I felt that we could play forever.
But I know that’s just what I believed.
I don’t regret being born any longer.
Like the feeling after a festival, it’s sad but let’s move on little by little.

I’ll go anywhere, you know that.
I’ll show you that I can grant your dream of happiness.
Even if I’m separated from you, no matter how far,
I’ll be born with the new morning.

I’ll go by myself, even if I want to die,
I can hear your voice; I mustn’t die.
Even if it looks painful, even if I’m crying in sadness,
Deep in my heart I feel your warmth.

Time changed as it ebbed and flowed.
I can’t remember what happened anymore but,
If I try and close my eyes I can hear someone’s laughter.
Somehow that’s now my most precious treasure.

Currently in love with this song by my new idol Lisa ♥
The lyrics really.......describes how I feel.

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