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Nov 10, 2011

What's In My Make Up Bag!


Ever wondered what's in MY make up bag?
(Wouldn't say I'm a gyaru cause I'm not very into gyaru style!)

Yup, today's entry will be about what's in my make up bag!!

It's really very very very very little, compared to many other bloggers/girls out there!
But yea, just sharing what I'm using and stuff!^^


My two cute make up bags (Y)




Total of ALL my make ups!
Yea, very pathetically little right..But it's fairly enough for me!

Firstly, most importantly..



Those 2 boxes standing behind are like madly cheap!
(SGD3.90 & SGD6.90 respectively! From SASA!)
The lash bone's a little hard compared to dollywink lashes, but the effect's fairly good!
I'll usually combine both of them together to get a more drastic effect (:

And of course, dollywink lashes (:
(Currently using #02 & #06)

And unknown brand lashes, can be found in SASA!
I don't really go for the brand, I'll just see the volume, structure and length of the lash.
And whether the lashbone is too thick or looks too stiff!


1. Eyelash glue/Double eyelid glue - Eye Putti, can be found in SASA at less than SGD20 if I didn't remember wrongly!

2. Eyelash protector - I'm like super kiasu kind of person, I'll tend to apply this before I apply my Mascara or put my Lashes on. I'm afraid my real lashes will drop!! HAHA :X Can be found in Etude House, less than SGD10?

3. Eye Liner - IMPORTANT!!
I super love this Eye Liner from Etude House because:
- It's easy to draw though it's liquid brush liner
- It doesn't smear off easily once it's dry
- It's super dark and obvious (super like!)
- It can last like a whole day?? (If you don't perspire too much)
I think it costs like less than SGD20? And it can last me damn super long. But maybe it's because I seldom make up and stuff :/

4. Eye Liner - This one kind of sucks, but it's with a little glittery feel. It's more like crayon liner which I don't really like because it's too light and it ALWAYS fade off after a few minutes, like zzzzz. Bought from SASA, NOT RECOMMENDED.

5. Eye Liner - Blue & Silver! Not bad for a crayon/pencil-ish kind of eye liner. Can last me like half a day? Really not bad for color eye liner. Forgot where and how much I bought it though! >___<

6. White Eye Liner - VERY IMPORTANT TOO!
White eye liner gives you a very *moe/anime/cute* look when applied on the inner side of the eyelid, the tear duct area! (Don't know how to describe where, but..oh well) From SASA.

7. Lip Gloss - Important three!
Many people tend to neglect their lips when they make up, and it makes them look really pale! Like this lip gloss because it's kind of LOUD, something I don't usually wear but it's nice to change my style once in a while (:
Bought from Etude House!

8. Lip Gloss - A more natural and sweet kind of color! From Etude House too!^^

9. Concealer - Don't really use this often, unless I'm doing a "full make up*". I think this concealer's pretty good, can conceal like 80%? I believe no concealer can conceal 100% so I really think this is the best I've used so far! From Etude House!

10. Lip Balm - I'll usually apply this before my lip gloss, to protect my lips! HAHAHA, YES, I KNOW I'M KIASU!! Can be bought from any pharmacy stores/convenience stores!

Things I apply on my face!!:


1. BB Cream - Used as base for my "full make up*". It's quite good and it works like a concealer too! Thickness is just nice and it can last for half a day before it starts feeling stuffy and stuff. Bought this from Etude House!

2. Compact Power (The lower right circle) - I love this compact powder because it's tone is just nice for me and it's good for people with dry skin like me! It doesn't appear too dry when applied and you won't feel stuffy in it. (Y) Bought from The Face Shop!!

3. Loose Powder (Lower left side circle) - Don't really like this because it's tone's too "light" for me. And the worst thing is, their slightly darker tone is too "dark" for me, fml. But it's really good because it gives your face a smooth surface after applying! Like if you have some pimple holes/dry cracks, the loose powder will just sip in very naturally. Bought from Etude House!

4. Blusher - Bought from Etude House! It's called cookie or something? Haha. I like the color, just nice. And of course the packaging, so cute! (Y)

And lastly, adding colors to the face (:


Eye shadows & Contour!

TBH, I use these like once or twice in a month only.
Or sometimes, not even once in few months! Basically because I'm lazy.

If I really do make up, my usual style (casual) will be just an eyeliner & mascara/lashes with lip gloss!
Only use everything when I'm going for events or photoshoots etc!

And MAYBE I should do a make up tutorial one day! :D
(Don't think you guys are interested anyway...)

Anyway, Continue sighting this space of mine!!
Next post would most likely be on AFA ((((:


P.S. I'm so excited about AFA this year!
P.P.S. I'm cosplaying with my friends, NO COMPANIES ATTACHED. (stop asking!)
P.P.P.S. I've bought tickets for I♥ANISONG & I'm going to see LISA & MAY'N! OMG.
P.P.P.P.S. See you guys at AFA!! (Line message me if you've iphone! User: noellemikazuki)

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