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Oct 18, 2013

8D7N Taiwan Trip [Taipei] - DAY II [2013]


First thing first, headed down to the famous AH-CHUNG flour-rice noodle (阿宗面线) for breakfast!
It's located at Ximending, Emei Street! Kind of easy to spot cause there's always a queue!

Ah Chung Flour Rice Noodle (阿宗面线)
No. 8~1 Emei St., Taipei (East XMD Pedestrian Area) 
Nearest MRT: Ximen Station

Look at the price!! It's so affordable!!
NT60 is like SGD2++?

And the legendary Mian Xian!!

As usual, it tasted really good! But the intestines weren't as nice as before imo.
It used to be really chewy yet soft, but the intestines now were really chewy and..meh.

But anyway, it's totally worth the price and the noodles taste and texture is really so much nicer than the replicas in Singapore. Can't compare at all, wins hands down.

Headed down to Jiu Fen (九分) right after breakfast!

#Sidetrackalittle: Why is Jiu Fen called Jiu Fen?
Was told by the tour guide in the past that Jiu Fen (the mountain) was found by one guy in the village nearby that there was gold underground. So this guy called up 8 other people to dig for the gold together. And whenever they needed to buy food, they'd order 9 portions which was Jiu Fen (in chinese). 

How true it is? Don't know. 

Anyway, directions to Jiu Fen:


First, Take the metro to TAIPEI MAIN STATION then tap out of it.

Follow the signs to lead you to the TRA/HSR platforms!

Get yourself a return ticket to Rueifang Station!

Just follow and press as above!

Tickets costs around NT88 per person for Two Way Trip.
Which is like SGD 3++!! Super affordable transport please!!


The system of the trains are really confusing. Same platforms but different destinations trains.
So most importantly, get the timing right.
You can ask the staffs at the control station (where you tap in your tickets) and they'll kindly assist you!

So after like 45mins, you'll arrive at Rueifang Station!

Next, you'll have to walk down the street to catch a Public Bus!
The bus will have a signboard writing "Jinguashi" and that's the bus you'll need to board!

It costs NT15 only!! So much more affordable than taking a cab which is NT100!!
It's not too hard to find the bus stop cause there'll be others alighting at Rueifang Station that's finding their way to Jiufen too!


It took around a total of 1.5h to get there from Ximending.

First food up the hill, Smelly Beancurd!

It's the first Smelly Beancurd I had in Taiwan yet THE BEST I've ate so far after the 8 Days.
It smells when you literally smell it, but when you eat it, IT TASTES SO HEAVENLY GOOD.


You won't believe it when I say, but I can actually remember the smell and taste by seeing this photo!
It smells SO different from the ones in Singapore's night market. 


Deep Fried Pork Slices!
J's favorite! Really tasty and addictive!!

Ice Cream Popiah!
Special right!! It tasted not bad! A little sweet for me though.
But I might disclaim that I don't usually eat sweet stuffs so it should taste ok to you guys.

They have these cute "luck games" that you can try your luck on!
And some that would "read your fortune" which J and I were kind of obsessed on!
Pretty accurate to a certain extend!! Heh.


And here's the typical shot of Jiu Fen.
Love the weather up there though it always rain whenever I head up this mountain.

Decided to chill out at this Café while waiting for the rain to cease.
(P.S. I get naturally attracted to nicely decorated/themed cafes)

Babka Café
Jīshān St, Ruifang District New Taipei City, Taiwan 224

They even have their own coffee powder maker!!

The Coffee Beans!!

First Level

Second Level

Iced Coffee.
They're coffee was really nice, not too strong yet enough to leave an impression.

Some tea J ordered.
Tasted really bland but J liked it! Hurhur.

The pizza tasted not bad, good enough to fill a hungry man with a smile on his face. 

Le me camwhoring!

I love the environment and atmosphere of the cafe, really peaceful and relaxing!
Food and drinks were good with reasonable pricing.

And my favorite drink up at Jiu Fen,
White Bitter Gourd + Honey Drink!
People don't usually like this, but I really like it!
You should try it if you can take slight bitterness, hahahaha!!

Wanted to head to Shi Fen to release some sky lanterns but it was pouring.
So we headed back to Ximending area for some shopping and super super FULL dinner/supper.

Le Ye BBQ Buffet
No.36, Han Chung St. Ximending (Above Rainbow Hotel)
 Nearest Metro Station: Ximen

TBH, they had quite limited sauces available :(
But the food spread was really really wide!! Never got to try everything.

(If not it's never gonna get a pass from me! Hohoho!)

Haagen Daz Ice Creams!!

The meat/main ingredients have to be ordered so they can serve it fresh!


And Main Course x9874734872634872634 times of above picture.

I swear I nearly died eating meat that night.
Especially when J keep challenging me to "Whose Meat Is Better Cooked" -.-

No pictures from shopping because I don't really shop much. 
Most of the time it's my mum buying stuffs hurhurhur. 

So that's all for Day II!
I'll be doing a little different from Day III onwards cause I'll be reviewing themed cafes!
(No tourist sites cause I've been there like so many times before.)



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