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Dec 17, 2013

Breeks - Christmas Specials

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It's like almost a week away, gosh, time pass too fast! Anyway,
Headed down to Breeeeeeeks last week to try out their Christmas Specials Menu!

Breek's Christmas Menu this year (16 Dec onwards) is little different from their norm style!

With a little of Spanish and Tunisia flavours mixed to their contemporary American styled cuisine,
You can enjoy this brand new season taste Set Menu from $25.90 only!!

Set Menu Includes:

x1 Soup of the Day

x1 Main Course
Roasted Turkey “Harissa” - Slice of Turkey Breast meat seasoned with Tunisian spices, Roasted pumpkin, Seasonal vegetables in Cranberry sauce
Fillet of Norwegian Salmon, Prawn Escabeche, and Salad green in Coriander butter
x1 Desserts 
Salted Caramel Brownie with a scoop of Ice Cream

Breeks has also introduced a range of Christmas special to satisfy your sweet tooth this festive season!!

I really liked this drink (if not for my sore throat I'd have drank it all). 
It had chocolate mixed with milk and ice cream, topped with whip cream and marshmallows and a slight pinch of coffee to enhance the flavour. 

Love the handmade Honeydew and Strawberry chocolate that came along with this drink!
(Laine, the IC, was kind enough to requested more of the chocolates for us! Heh!)

This is by far my favorite!
Salted Caramel Brownie, HOW AWESOME COULD THAT BE.
This was the perfect dish I would really love for dessert, served well with mixed combination of both sweet, salty, warm from the brownie and chills form the ice cream.

You really got to try them.

It's really special and it tastes so different from other brownies out there cause it is handmade, thus the higher costs. They also have a different recipe where the ratio of chocolates to flour is bigger, which means, MORE CHOCOLATY TASTE!! Super love this.
I bought for boyfie one box of this and he loved it too!

Range of Brownies from Breeks!

 $2.80++ per piece 
($3.80++ per piece with ice-cream)    

$35+ per box for Breeks Classic Walnut Brownies 
(customers can choose to purchase as a whole, or pre-cut into 20pieces)   
$38+ per box for Premium Brownies 
(customers can choose to purchase as a whole, or pick and mix 16 pieces of their desired flavours)

If you have any of the following cards, 
Be in for some awesome promotions for the Brownies-In-A-Box!

20% off per box   

SAFRA/HomeTeamNS Vouchers
15% off  with min use of 1 NS45 Voucher

20% off for every 2nd box purchased         

My Preferred Card member
 for purchase of 1 box = 10% off for purchase of one box; 
for purchase of two boxes, 50% off for the 2nd box purchase

Find out more details about Breeks' upcoming promotion/updates on their Page!


Enjoy your Merry O Christmas with Breeks :)

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