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Dec 17, 2013

PRINTIC - Make Polaroids with your Phone [GIVEAWAY]

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But many a time, the trouble about polaroids are that the camera is too bulky!

Printic is an app based in Paris that allows you to print your phone pictures!
But not only do they print your pictures, they print it in a Polaroid form!!

What's better is that all you have to do is,

1. Download the App
2. Take a photo
3. Submit a printing order

And within 3-5 working days, your Polaroids will be at your doorstep!!

To get a better idea about Printic, do watch this really fun and cool video!

And take a look at some photos of my awesome Printics!

I really love Polaroids because it gives the really retro feeling and you can draw on it to modify it!

Each Printic costs USD$0.99 which is est. SGD$1.24.
Which is really worth the price, since actual Polaroid films (that are slightly smaller) are priced around the same too! And it is SO convenient, just at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere!

I'll be holding a GIVEAWAY of 3 x Printic Prints Credits!

1. Like Printic's Facebook Page

2. Like MY Facebook Page

3. Like and Share photo 
(Remember to change sharing settings to Public)

4. Comment on WHY you'd like to try Printic out!

I'll choose 3 lucky winners to win this 3 x Printic Prints Credits on Christmas Eve! (3 Winners x 3 Credits)

So what are you waiting for?
Download it on your smartphones and start Printicing :)


Do check out their Facebook Page for more Promotion details or Printic Ideas!
(Which I myself find some really creative and interesting!)

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