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Jul 30, 2014

Yamaha Mid-Year Sales 2014

It's the last call for Yamaha's Mid-year Sales 2014!!
I do hope you got the items you wanted already, if not, you still have the chance till 31st July to do so!

For some of you who wants to buy a digital piano, but you ain't sure which to get..
Let me introduce to you this newly launched Clavinova which just launched last month!!


And these Clavinovas feel and sound so real, just like an actual piano!!

Don't believe me? 
Check the video out!!

No kidding!!
Though it is small in size comparatively, the sound quality is on par with an actual piano!

That aside, there's many more stuffs you can get in Yamaha's Mid-Year Sales this year!!

The sale is ending this 31st July!!
So head down to get the things you want/need now!!

Tentatively, if you're busy,
You could order online and they'll send it to your home!

Free delivery if you spend $50 and above!! :)

More details of Clearance sales here:

There are SO MANY SO MANY things I want to get but I'm so broke from all my holiday trips!

BUT, I did get a small little something for myself!
(Can't resist the temptations)

Interested to know what I got?
Stay tuned to my instagram (@noellemikazuki), I'll upload it once I get hold of it! :)

Don't miss out this good deals,

For more details:

Official Website -

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