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Jul 31, 2014

The Escape Hunt

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Finally got a chance to experience The Escape Hunt!!

What is it about?

You get to become a detective for an hour! 
Being locked inside a scene (room) for an hour, trying to look out for clues and link them together to solve it and get out of the room!! It's really brain wrecking yet exciting and fun!!

I was so thankful for this experience because I LOVE SOLVING MYSTERIES!
I read detective books and comics since young and even created a detective club in Secondary school (lol!) and even till now, I love watching detective related movies/ books/ comics/ anime!!

Well, I believe that if you're really into detective kind of stuff, 
you'd have known that this is not the first Escape Game around in Singapore.

However, what makes the Escape Hunt different is that their games are designed by a UK mensa member 
(Who has a Masters in Psychology from Cambridge)

The games are multi-dimensional, and non-linear.
 Game play follows a strong story line and are logical 
(once you figure the whole game out, hahaha!)

Just look at their waiting area!!

It's so classy and comfortable and into the theme!
They serve complimentary biscuits and tea, and their service was excellent!

They would talk to you before and after the game and learn about your experience and hear your feedback if you have any!! And boy, I really love places with good customer service!
(Which are rarely found in Sg nowadays, sigh!)

Here's one of the staff briefing us about our game before it starts!!
(Sorry for the unglam moment hurhur.)

Another plus factor for The Escape Hunt is,

Which mean, if you want to be in your group of 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 etc.
You GET TO be in your groups.
I mean like, imagine being assigned to join other groups of 2 to form 4.
And having to endure the pain of working with and having different opinions with complete strangers.
It'll somehow (or rather) affect the outcome of the results!

Plus I don't really like to interact with strangers, heh.

So anyway,
I was so glad Eileen was at the event too!

I paired up with her bf and her and we managed to solve the mystery in 53 minutes!!

It wasn't easy, it was the Advance level room (the toughest one)
And the other team didn't actually manage to solve it, heh!

And last but not least, what I loved best about The Escape Hunt 
(Besides the great mystery solving part)


All of us literally spammed photos, using their props and costume!


2 pax @ $38/pax
3 pax @ $33/pax
4 pax @ $30/pax
5 pax @ $28/pax

You could even team up to challenge! :)

For more info, 
Do check out The Escape Hunt!

It was an awesome experience and I'd definitely go back again once the rooms has changed!

Till then,
Detective Noelle signing off! Heh!

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