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Jan 28, 2016

9D8N Thailand Trip [Bangkok] - Un Fashion Café [2015] Day VII

Fell in love with this café, so much so that it deserves a post on it's own!!

Ekkamai Soi 10, Sukhumvit 63, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
(Nearest BTS: Ekkamai BTS)
Operating Hours: 1200 - 2100

It's about a 5-10 minutes walk from the BTS station!

Take the exit to Major Cineplex and head all the way down the street 
(It's a straight walk down around 7 streets)

You should be on the right track if you see this

After a 10 minutes walk, we finally reached!
It's a separate building and it looked so distinct it's impossible to miss out.

I can't describe how fascinating the café was. 
It was like no other cafés I've been to!

The choice of food was pretty limited - pastries and coffee/tea/fruit/chocolate drinks but as the saying goes, Quality > Quantity, right? 

Up to the second level!

We ordered blueberry cheesecake and I forgot the names of the drinks lol. 
Mine was pretty refreshening but Mun's drink, that has ginger in it, tasted..weird hahahaha!

They even provide complimentary water!

This café was really chill, it felt like a much better version of Starbucks where you could just read your books or chill here with your friends without having much noise disruption. The café's atmosphere was superb! 
Mun and I hung out there for around an hour or two before heading off for our dinner!
(And no one ever came to chase us off, WHY CAN'T SG HAVE SUCH CAFES)

Nice environment + Nice atmosphere = Nice Selfies HAHAHA Rating

Location: 9/10
Atmosphere: 10/10
Price: 9/10
Food Quality: 8/10
Customer Service: 8/10
Overall Rating: 8.8/10

It was a nice place to visit and chill to past time, definitely worth a visit!

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