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Jan 24, 2016

9D8N Thailand Trip [Hua Hin] - DAY V & DAY VI [2015]


I've blogged about my hotel stay in Hua Hin in my previous post,
Check out this post if you missed out!!

And bookmark this link if you'd wanna read all about my 9D8N in Thailand! :)
(I've been so hardworking recently it's scaring myself out, lol)




Woke up early as usual to head down to Hua Hin from Bangkok!

Directions to get the tickets to Hua Hin are the same as getting to Pattaya:

Head down to Century Mall (Just beside Victory Monument BTS) and get the tickets to Hua Hin (Booth 1). The ticket booths were outside the mall, one whole stretch of them, adjacent to the BTS.If you're taking the BTS, exit from the opposite direction to Victory Monument. The tickets costed us 180THB, which was est. 7SGD. But you gotta be patient (and maybe a little luck) to wait for the mini-van to be full before it sets off!

*Totally copy pasted from my previous Pattaya post cause I'm too lazy to retype lol*

It took us around 3-4 hours to get to Hua Hin.
Do take note of the alighting point cause it'll be the place that you're gonna board the mini-van again!

These were the timing for the return mini-van but it wasn't really accurate.
Mun and I went over at 6 plus and wanted to take the 7.15 one but they said the next available bus would be at 8 plus. So yeah, just take note that the timings provided aren't really accurate. It's just a rough gauge based on case-by-case kind of thing.

SO, as per the bad experience we had in Pattaya (of almost being ripped off by cab drivers), 
We decided to rent a car to roam around in Hua Hin!

Bizcar was pretty near our alighting point so we decided to rent a car from here!
(just a couple of turns away, it's along the main road)

39/4, Phet Kasem Road, Tambon Hua Hin, 
Amphoe Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, 77110, Thailand

You'll see that it's next to the Tourism Authority station, it's pretty distinct cause it's in bright blue/purple.
If you're afraid that they don't have enough car, you could actually book online before heading down.

And here's the key for our 2D1N car!! :)

Here's more information about renting a car in Hua Hin (from Bizcar):

1) Cost: 2D1N rental costed us 1600 baht, which was an est. 60+ SGD.
It was fairly reasonable (considering the fact that the cab driver in Pattaya wanted to charge us 1600 to just one location) so we went ahead with it.

2) Payment: You can choose to pay by cash or credit BUT you'll still need to have a credit card for them to charge the deposit (which will be refunded - cancelled transaction - once you return the car) unless you have a huge sum of cash with you to put with them for deposit. If I didn't remember wrongly, it was est. 5000 baht, I can't remember that clearly.

3) Things you must do to safeguard yourself: Take pictures of the car, spot the scratch/dents the car already have. I've seen online cases that they charge them a huge sum of penalty for scratches and sometimes they're existing scratches and etc. Though I must clarify that during our rental experience, we did not encounter such things, but it's always better to play safe.

4) Petrol: Petrol is really cheap in Hua Hin, we travelled for 2D1N and we used less than 3/4 of the tank. Before returning the car, you have to pump it back to full tank before returning it. There's a petrol kiosk near the Bizcar Rental so you don't have to worry.

5) Directions: YOU NEED A GPS, lol. I had data network so navigating around Hua Hin was pretty easy. But do note that Hua Hin is not like Singapore. One wrong turn and you'll end up in another city cause there aren't much (close to none) U turns available on the expressways.

6) Traffic: Traffic was pretty smooth in Hua Hin unlike in Bangkok. Only down point would be the lack of traffic directions, some junctions don't even have traffic lights!

Alright, done with the notes and tips. 
Here are some pictures to fill the wordy post!!

Our ride for the trip! Toyota Vios!

We headed to our hotel first to check in before heading out to the night market!

Went for Chatchai Night Market cause it was the nearest (most convenient) to us

There were lots of street food and stores that sold clothing/souvenirs

Because I had cravings for Satay, we settled down at a stall that sold Satay for dinner.
The satay was pretty disappointing cause it tastes different from our local ones but the Padthai was awesome.

*Side note: THE COCONUT JUICE WAS DAMN GOOD. The store was next to the store we ordered the satay and padthai from, I think it's the only store that sells satay throughout that whole stretch lol.

At Chatchai Night Market, there is a small alley that will lead you to Chatsila Market!

Gave in to temptation to try out this 1KG lobster which costed us around 1000+ Baht? 
It shouldn't cost more than 1200 bahts, if not it'll be a rip off lol.

It smelt so good, with the graving oozing out from the lobster and such.
BUT, it was pretty disappointing cause the lobster ain't fresh at all and the meat was pretty tough.

Still, a 1KG lobster is always worth a try!

Headed back to our hotel with some snacks and drinks to end off our night
It was so relaxing, BEST stay ever. 

While we were drinking and snacking at the balcony, there was LIVE music from the hotel's restaurant bar and we could hear it from our balcony, FREE MUSIC!! Awesome much?
We did get bitten by hell lots of mosquitoes though lol.




Intentionally set our alarms to wake up to watch the sun rise,
and went back to sleep..LOL!

Took a few pictures with the sea outside our hotel before heading out for our first destination, Santorini Park!

Just outside Santorini hehe.

 Kao Yai, Cha-am District, Phetchaburi, Thailand
Operating Hours: 1000 - 2200

The entrance fee costed us 50 bahts, which was surprisingly cheap.
But if you want to take the rides in there, you'd have to pay separately (Have another ride pass)

The place was really pretty, felt like we entered another city lol.
More pictures from here onwards!

Stopped by the ice cream shop for some ice cream & air con before heading off to our next location.
There was nothing much to see in there, but it was a great experience. There's a water park opposite that you guys could probably visit but I'm not really a fan of water theme parks so I gave it pass.

On our way to Khao Hin Lek Fai
Which we eventually got lost and never manage to find the place.
The GPS was showing that we're there but it was nothing like the place lol!

After tons of U-turns and risking our lives on rocky alleys up the mountains, 
We decided to forgo our intended destination and just make do with the scenery we had up on the mountain.

The scenery was fine, but I'd say that it was the company that made it really memorable.
Enjoyed the ride up with Mun and I being really lame and laughing throughout the journey!

Next up, 

Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110, Thailand

It's literally a must-go-tourist spot, so here we are as first time visitors of Hua Hin!

After visiting the railway station, we headed back to return the car and back to Bangkok due to time constraint. Would definitely return back to Hua Hin to explore further in future, it's such a lovely place to be in - not as commercialised comparatively to Pattaya. 

That's all for Hua Hin!

That's like 1/2 of my Thailand trip's itinerary already.
Will update a few more posts on cafés in Bangkok and another post on my full 9D8N itinerary to sum up the remaining few days!

Till then, stick around!

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