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Dec 17, 2018

2018: The Most YOLO Year Of My Life...Yet?'s the time of the year again!!

I actually think that this is the only post I'm actively & enthusiastically drafting every year. Probably cause it gives me a summary and closure of the year and prepares me for the next - also, keeping tabs on my yearly resolution!

SO..How was 2018?

I'm actually not sure how to feel about this, but 2018 has gone past too soon. It feels as if time pass faster when I'm older? But there's also a theory behind this where, when you're young, you got more time to spend, comparatively when you're at adulthood stage, you work 9 hours a day and only have that little extra time to spend and make it worth.

But if I had to summarize, I guess 2018 could be titled as the most YOLO year of my life(?)


Let's see how my resolutions set for 2018 went..

1. Catch falling snow! - Nope..Didn't had the luxury to experience this :(

2. Travel to somewhere new - YES, Bali!! & Hatyai! Though it's somewhere nearby, it was a new place!

3. Blog more (As usual..hurhurhur) - Obviously no LOL!!
4. Save up & probably commit to some savings/investment plan - I did start saving a tad bit more and started on investment plans so..YES!
5. Have sufficient rest everyday (Aka. Rest early) - No, no, no, no, no. I JUST DONT HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO SPARE :(

6. Sing & play the guitar & keys more - YES!! I actually started off streaming on 浪live & I sing with my guitar & keyboard there so I'm really glad I'm able to realize this resolution! Just a short snippet of the recent mini 彈唱 cover on my IG -

7. Spend more time with my family (Niece especially) - Half I guess? But I did spend more time with family and friends comparatively to 2017!

That's like 50%?? HAHAHAHAHA. Not ideal but well..not too bad either!

But well, 2018 has been pretty busy, yet fulfilling for me. I've found a new job which I pretty much enjoy - taking up 200h/mth, I've also my side line streaming that takes up 30-40h/mth, adhoc jamming & gigs,'s been pretty tight on time for me, so much so that by the end of 2018 (now), I feel so mentally and physically drained that I start to let loose my schedules just to let myself slow down and enjoy me time a little.


Well..other than my resolutions, I did "achieve" certain goals/bucket list items!!

1. DNA Meet Up in TW 

I had my first mini gathering in TW!! I actually held it with Evalee so that we'd both not feel so scared/worried!! Haha, and boy am I glad it went well! I'm also really thankful for those who traveled up North Taiwan just to see me :')

Side note, we don't really call it #DNA for the overseas audience so it might come across weird to call it DNA outing HAHAHA. But yeah, the next gathering would be in Jan & I'm really excited cause a few SG DNA are coming along to join the TW gathering! It's gonna be really fun!!! (Hereby open-jio to DNA who wanna join us for our TW outing in Jan)

2. Joined a TW singing competition 

I think only a handful of you would know that I was the top 300 selected amongst thousands to compete in this TV show singing competition organized by 浪live called 聲林之王, but sadly, I didn't manage to get pass to the TV round - top 30 if I'm not wrong.

BUT, it was hell of an experience to be able to witness LIVE overseas competition TV recording. To see foreign talents, to listen to new kind of music. It was eye opening and enlightening! It was also my craziest, most YOLO moment in life ever. I received the email that I was selected on Friday, and the 2nd audition was on Sunday. I literally booked the flight upon receiving the email and flew that very Friday midnight!! It was insane. During the trip, I also made new friends, jammed with new talents. I didn't take much/any pictures because it was a really abrupt 4D3N trip, with 1 whole entire day stuck in the recording studio feeling hungry and nervous. Yet, this has gotta be the most memorable trip to Taiwan.

3. Travelled with my buddies 

After YEARS of talking about it, me & my poly time buddies FINALLY TRAVELLED TOGETHER! We were initially planning for a roadtrip in Aussie but it never happened because a long trip would mean our timing had to fit each other. So anyway, we went to Thailand, Hatyai. Yet again another new place for me!!

I was really thankful that SY did all the planning, from the hotel we stay, to the places we go/eat/shop/sightsee, and I absolutely loved everything that was planned!

The experience was also really unforgettable because..we got stalked by a pickpocket!! All the way from the night market, till somewhere near our hotel. It was pure madness, and we were not wearing flashy clothings nor jewelries nor do we look rich at all LOL! It was really frightening, after all, we're 3 girls traveling without any weapons in our bags. Thank God we're pretty aware of our surrounding and we spotted him pretty soon when he tried to pickpocket us for the first time, and knew he was following us.

4. Singing & Playing 

As I've mentioned earlier on, I've actually started live streaming on 浪live since May this year and ever since, I've been playing the keys/guitar as I sing online! It was tough in the beginning - to multitask and still stay on pitch or keep the emotions. But it got better along the months (I think?) LOL!

I also got to perform with my band as a keyboardist X vocalist in our gigs, so..I guess that's a great breakthrough for me cause I've never been able/confident enough to do that. P.S. Do check out our latest Christmas medley recorded LIVE (no editing no nothing, just us, raw).


So now that we're done summarizing 2018,
Here are my resolutions for 2019!!

1. Familiarize myself with minor& sharp/flat chords on the guitar
2. Get a bike/diving license
3. Release a song with proper arrangements
4. Mini performance overseas (with le band)
5. More covers
6. Get more rest
7. Start working out/dance?
8. Have more time for myself to relax
9. Massive printing of photos to hardcopy
10. Travel lesser, but further


I can't wait for 2019 already.
Though I wish I could stop time & stop aging..LOL!

See you in 2019!

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