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Feb 13, 2013

MoovieSpy : Win Movie Tickets [The Last Stand]

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Attention to Movie lovers out there!!
I'm here to introduce you guys a page today, MoovieSpy.

So..what's MoovieSpy all about?

Apparently, MoovieSpy is Singapore's only FB Page that's created to bring you the 
latest updates on upcoming movies, their trailers, images, news and reviews!!

So if you're like me, always being the last few to know about movies
(like les miserables, I only knew about it when it was getting off listed, was super sad, but luckily they're going to have a re-run in Sg!!)

All you got to do is LIKE MoovieSpy's Facebook Page
and you'll get to know the latest updates on movies!!

I know 90% of you out there scroll your Facebook newsfeed on the way to work/school everyday.
Isn't it convenient to like one page and get all the latest updates from all the different movies?


MoovieSpy often hold preview screening tickets giveaways!
(Meaning you can catch it before others do!! Cool or what!!)

They're currently giving away preview tickets for this movie that 
I'm really excited and looking forward to watch, 

Just look at the trailer, it's super breath taking!

All you have to do to stand to win a pair of preview tickets to The Last Stand is:

1. LIKE and SHARE the contest on your FB wall (set to public)
2. LIKE Cathay Cineplexes and LIKE MoovieSpy
3. Complete this tagline: Retirement is for ____________.
(Comment on the picture itself)

This contest ends on 17 Feb (Sun), 12pm.  

More details of the movie preview on the link above!!

What are you waiting for??
Like MoovieSpy now and join their contests now!

(PS. I'm joining the above giveaway too, so if we win, we might be able to literally watch movies together!! How cool!!)

Till then, Retirement is for sissies!! :P


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