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Apr 1, 2013

End of CNOS2


It's like finally the end of #CNOS2.

No more needing you guys to vote/like for me anything in the meantime for now on! Hahahaha.
I'll do up a post CNOS2 entry soon after I consolidate the photos from the other bloggers. 

Was having a really horrible sore throat and flu that day.
Didn't take much photos cause my head was kinda floaty.

So meanwhile, just a few glimpse of me :)

My #OOTD that day.

As you guys have known, I always wear masks if I'm unwell.
But I hate it when people stare -.-

I cough (got cover mouth), they stare.
I wear masks, they still stare.

736's buddies, Tracy & Gordon came to support me too!
Was like super touched la, cause I didn't expect anyone to come down, even if they drop by, I didn't expect them to like watch me for my finals. And better, Tracy got me GUMMYBEARS!! :D

Thank you!

Of course, there were other bloggers too that came down.
And a few of my FB Page people too!
Thanks for coming down too :)

Just acting cute photo.

With super pretty and friendly Qiuqiu!!

She's SUPER friendly I swear.

Didn't go around to talk to the other judges though. 
But I heard they were really friendly too! :)

And here's my performance that night
(And others)

Yea I know I don't sound like I have a sore throat.

I woke up in the morning without any voice at all.
And you could ask the bloggers, I was coughing away like some cancer patient :(

But really, Thank God.
Thank you for granting me with my voice to sing at least.

It was really an awesome experience.

It's my dream since young to perform in a mall where you can look up and see people looking down on you on the stage, singing.

I know I've performed in malls before.
But this is different.

You know the feeling when people hear your voice, 
And look down to see you? "Open area" mall kind of thing.
That kind of feeling (Y)

And thank you everyone that cheered for me :)

Kelvin recorded the whole CNOS2 finals down!

Thank you so much (On behalf of the other bloggers too)
Must have been tiring holding up your hand to take such a long vid, edit, and uploading.

Ziwei's performance with Clinton!

Damien & Jojo's performance with Clinton

My performance again.
I love this video cause you can see the reaction of some of the audiences! (Back viewed though)

Our final group song :)

I had so much fun.

Though this whole one month was really tiring and stressful.
It was fruitful.

Thank you Cineleisure, Cathay Organization.
For organizing such a wonderful competition :)

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