Noelle Mikazuki

The Awesome One

Apr 10, 2013


At some points of life, I just don't know what I want in life.

Sometimes I just blog for the sake of blogging. Tweet for the sake of tweeting.
I want to do something I love, music.

But God isn't showing me the path.

When I say music, I don't mean singing as a career.
I know it's not practical, I'm not really good at it.

But maybe teaching music, piano.

I feel so lost in life now.
In a dilemma if I should work for money or happiness and passion.

It's true that without money, happiness is limited.
But even with money, you might not be able to get happiness.

God, please show me a path. 
An answer to these doubts.

Not sure what's with this sudden emotion.
I feel so useless.

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Noah Sullivan said...

Thiis was lovely to read