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May 31, 2014

Just Some Random Disclaimer/Clarifications/About Me Facts

I've been receiving constant comments on the following which I've explained/replied before on my Twitter but new people keep asking and stuff so I'm doing this once and for all! 

It'd be a super wordy post but I hope it answers your questions.

1. Why are you always sick? 

No. I am not always sick.
Yes, I do fall sick really easily because my body is weak and catches virus really easily.
Also, I'm allergic to really weird stuffs like certain seafood, citrus, caffeine.

So what happens to me after intaking such food/product?

Seafood - 
My throat will swell and I can hardly breathe, it's deadly. So I really shun them.
Weird part about me is, though I'm allergic to seafood (most), I can still take some like fish, crabs, lobsters. No prawns no mussels no others. 


It's been tested and proven! 
My mum who was initially doubtful of my allergy which only kicked in when I was 10, tested it out on me secretly (bluffing me it's other meat) and my throat swelled really bad after which, I felt so horrible.

Citrus - 
My throat will itch and I'll start to run a fever as high as 38 or sometimes even 39 degree.
It's literally throat infection in the doctor's terms. But I'm not sure why either. A tiny volume like 1 sip of orange juice is good enough to make me down the next day.

And the worse part about this is, NO ONE STATES on their food/drinks if it contains it!
I'm very very very conscious about even getting a drink in the supermart, I'd check if it contains citrus or any similar acid in it before purchasing. 
But some cafes/restaurants/bubble tea shops, they do not indicate at all.
Unless it's a pure citrus related drink.
And that is why I always fall sick so frequently, due to the wrong intake of food/drinks.

I've been drinking plain water 90% of the time. 
It's just the 10% of the time where I crave for some good food/drink that is flavoured. So, fml.

Then, some smart alecs would advise me to take Vit C.

Because I'm allergic to it.

Wtf? Yes, trust me when I say I know.
I can't take Vit C because 99% of Vit C contains citrus.
I've even consulted the doctor to ask for an alternative but to no avail.

2. Why do you not reply comments?

So apparently some people mistook me as being arrogant for not replying comments.

I'm probably the friendliest person online you could find that is real.

Facebook -
I don't like to reply via mobile unless it's urgent because if I reply on the go, it's just gonna be a very pacifying reply. I take time aside once or twice a week whenever I turn on my com to reply comments.

Twitter - 
If your profile is on private, I CANNOT SEE YOUR TWEETS TO ME, AT ALL.
And if not, I do not receive notifications when you tweet to me, so sometimes I miss them. Other times, I'd just reply later than normal.

Blog -
I seldom have any comments on my blog, so I'd skip.

YouTube - 
I do not reply because I don't see a need to.
I'm constantly appreciative of the support given by my friends/fans. I don't really have to reply every single comment by a Thank you right..? I mean, it's just meaningless. Unless the comment is asking me something or said something really really touching.

And I really appreciate them.

3. Why do you not reply FB messages?

I hate this the most.

Guys come up to me, and say "hi" and sometimes when I reply, THEY MIA.


That's why I rarely reply "hi" messages nowadays.
If you don't come up with a topic with me, I won't. You get it? It's just basic.


Like seriously? 

The words used are so disgusting and fake it turns me off so much I don't even wanna read them.
It's like a copy paste to every girl on their FB kind of msges.

Other than that, I do reply 80% of my FB messages.
Especially people who needs help/ask me about some stuffs/sincerely wants to make friends with me.
FRIEND, not girlfriend/onenightstand/etc.

And regarding the remaining 20%,
I'm someone that is really busy. I do not commit my time to FB msges 24/7. 
And sometimes even if i go on FB on my phone, I do not read msges because I'm just an old antic that likes to reply on big screens. And that aside, I don't like the lag of messenger and I do not have any notifications. 


Why you ignore me?

I hate it when people say this. Because I was honestly wanting to reply them, just at a later timing.
Saying that makes me feel really pissed off, as if I'm obliged to reply them?!!
And since you think I'm ignoring you, I SHALL.

4. Why you always emo?

No. I'm not always emo.

I admit, I do get emotional at times. And once I get "emo", it's gonna be for a period.
But I have to really clarify that I'm 90% of the time happy and people who knows me will know.

And I'm sorry that I'm just human to sometimes vent it on my social media platform.
For attention, yes.
But not attention from you guys, but from the person I want to direct it to.

I do admit that it's not the best way to solve an issue or anything.
I am trying to keep off social media once I get upset/emotional.


Stop judging when you don't even know anything.

5. When is your next GTalk session?

I've explained this so many times I don't reply this qn anymore.

To be honest, I do not know.
Main reason being, I'm really busy with life. Even if I had the time, I'd do a cover.


I'm a grown adult now, entering the working society, having to pay many bills.
And I need to work and have money, before I do something I like.
Cold harsh reality, but its true.

Doesn't GTalk pay well?

Yes. The hourly pay for official session is pretty attractive.
But there's only 4 slots a day, 7 days a week. Which sums up to 28 "official" sessions a week.

But how many DJs do we have? 20?

The top 2 DJs on the list gets 4 sessions a week. That is already 8, leaving the rest with 20.
Ranked next would get 3 each then 2 then left with the loose slots no one wants for those that aren't in the top 8 lists.

How to be in DJ Top 8 list?

Gifts from our listeners/supporters/fans.
Which costs money.

So the more people pay for you, you get to have more chances on having officially paid sessions.
If not, you'd have to do unofficial (unpaid) sessions to gain enough gifts (gold) to hold an official.

I know it's only fair, so that the company earns and people gets who want to be on stream.
So I'm not ranting or complaining. 
I'm just explaining why I'm not doing it because, I simply don't have the time to do sessions and not get paid.

Fyi. Even for the gifts commission, we have to hit a certain quota before we can cash out.
And if we don't, the gold gets converted to silver. Which means we have to start from 0 again the next month.

I know some of you guys are willing to spend on me and buy me gifts just to be able to go on stream.
But the problem is, I do not want you guys to waste those money.

Most of you guys out there are like what?
Probably still schooling and those money are money saved from not eating or working part time outside.
I just don't feel good to earn your money, though most of them are given to Garena.

I'd rather you guys save up and buy my EP album one day when it's out, if it's out!

. . . . . . . . . . 

I might be stubborn and maybe some say, stupid.
But I have and live by my own thinking and morals.

I initially joined GTalk because it was a good platform for me to let more people know about me.
Not me as me, but me for my singing, my music.

But half way along the way when they started introducing the ranking system, I got competitive.
I got lost. I lost initial aim and goals that I've joined GTalk for.
And that's why I took a long break off the online platform and went to do some live gigs instead.


I'm not saying that I'd be gone from GTalk forever.
I'll be back one day when I'm free. Without any stress or anything, not for the money or etc. 
But just to catch up with you guys and really sing for you guys :)

So do stay tune to my Facebook page for any updates ok!



And I hope you guys get to understand me a bit more. 

Sorry for ranting and raging and the wordy post.
I'll update soon on my events and do up a cover once I'm well from my sore throat!

Till then, BYE.

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