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May 12, 2014

HIPPO ProOne [ Review ]

So......I know you guys are excited for this post!!

Review of my newly bought earphones,

A few of you managed to guess the brand, it's HIPPO!
And it's not really well known in Singapore/world actually.

I'm not sure where it originated from either, even after much googling.

Why did I get this despite the lack of branding?

I tried the Shure's SE215 and SE315, which fell within my budget of $300.
But to be honest, the quality wasn't as good. And I was actually pretty disappointed.

I used to own a Shure earphones which has a really great overall control on the low, mids and high.

However, the SE215 and SE315 was a great disappointment.
No doubt that the bass and lower tones were relatively strong. 
But the highs were too weak to even up.

The SE425, which costed slightly above my budget was better. But still, not good enough.

What I look for in a pair of earphones?

1. Clarity. 
Especially in the high tones.

I cannot stand muffled high notes, it just irks me to an extend I'd slam my mp3 off.

2. Comfort.

Basically, my ear has a weird shape. Everyone says so after they try the earpiece on me.
Normal in-ear earphones wouldn't fit, it just drop out after moving a little. And it just feel really insecure and uncomfortable, like it'll be easily pulled out anytime. So I had to have earphones that would have a hunchback to support and hold against my ear. 

Like this.

3. Price.

My budget was set at a gauge of $300, plus or minus a little would be fine.
I tried the Shure's SE535 and it was pretty great (though still lacking a little on the higher notes), but it costed a bomb of at least SGD700+. And of course, the even higher priced sets like SE846 were greater sounding, but too high end for users like me. 


So finally after the recommendation of Jaben's staffs, 
I tried and decided to get this unknown brand (to me), HIPPO.

Ok, enough of words.

Inside the box, a small portable earphone casing :) 

It came with the earphones, earphone casing, ear buds, and this really cool stick!
It's to remove the ear wax from the ear buds!! Hehe, so cute!! 


Driver: Single Balanced Armature
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 18kHz
Sensitivity: 112dB/mW
Impedance: 16 ohms
Cord length: 1.2m

So, overall review of the Earphones itself.

Looks/Design: 4/10
Obviously it looked kind of cheap, because of the wire design. Also, they didn't really have any branding printed on the earphones. But I love the transparent color, like SE215! Hehe.

Comfort/Fit: 8/10
It fitted my ear pretty okay. The hunch was a little small for me and thus making it slightly loose but still acceptable and better than most earphones. Only Shure's earphones shape fit me perfectly, after trying so many earphones, so I can't really expect much from other brands. This was the second best already.

Noise Isolation: 7/10
Barely acceptable. Not too bad but not really impressive.

Sound Quality - Low: 5/10
After a week usage of the earphones, I felt that it lacked bass quite badly.
It was okay on the overall, but just lacking that bit of bass to make the music come alive.

Sound Quality - Mids: 8/10
The mids were pretty fine and performed up to my expectations! 

Sound Quality - High: 7/10
Their high notes were pretty nicely done. Just that it appears really thin (if you understand what I mean) and it peaks a little when it gets slightly louder. The overall is fine, it just lack the layers.
But comparatively to the other earphones I tried in the existing market (with the other factors into consideration), it was considerably good.

Price: 9/10
Considering the quality (compared to the other big brands), this was really cheap actually.
It costed me SGD168, with a year of warranty and free HIPPO Mp3!


So yes, I'm done with this earphones review!
I hope this might help some of you out there trying to get your pair of right earphones :)

Honest comment, this is not the best earphones I owned.
But the old one that I'm using don't have stock in the market anymore.
So this was the best within my budget I could make do with.

So, till I can afford a better set.

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larn said...

I own se215 special edition... Was thinking for mid high and balanced bass iem... Is this as good as phonak pfe series... Sorry for my bad english