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May 16, 2014

Taiwan Trip [2013] - Fatimaid Café


I'm glad I'm still motivated enough to update my Taiwan trip from last year, haha.
(I gave up on my USA Trip posts hahaha!)

So here comes one of my fav Cafés from Taiwan!

Fatimaid Café
台北市, 鄭州路21巷4號2樓
No. 4, Lane 21, Zhèngzhōu Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10041
Tel: +886 2 2559 2620

How to get there?

Take the Metro to Taipei Main Station > Walk through the Y zone underpass (like Sg's City Link) > Exit from Exit Y11

You'll get to walk pass these shops and see the sign above at the top right of the pic?
Yes, that's the exit you'll need to get out from!

It took me 15 mins to find this place.

Not because it's far from the Exit, but because it wasn't distinctive enough.
It's actually right in front of the Exit, right in front!
I didn't know and no where online showed pictures of it, so I ended up walking round and round -.-

(For reference, you can just try to spot the electronic shop, it's just beside.)

Like every other cafés, there's a min spending.

Min Spending : NT250
Max Time Limit : 90mins

In case you're wondering why there's a time limit, this is kind of a norm for Maid Cafés :)

Haha, awkward face here because..

As in, yes I worked in one before.
But I've never stepped into one as a customer before!!
And I was SOOOO shy because the girls there were so friendly and moe~ ww


This waffles costed NT230, which is est. SGD9+

It tasted good! 
Not fantastically good, but good enough to get by!

Cream of Mushroom, came with the set meal!

Curry Omu Rice!

This was NT290, est. SGD12
It tasted okay, normal. Not too horrible.

I'd actually say it tasted good, compared to the food standard of local's maid cafes.

And there's this really cute journal the meido passed to me to leave my mark!

Which I felt was really nice :)
They say that they'd once in a while read them when they have the time to!

I really loved the environment and atmosphere here.
It's my 2nd favorite out of the many cafés I've been to in Taipei! Rating

Location: 10/10
Atmostphere: 10/10
Price: 9/10
Food Quality: 7/10
Customer Service: 10/10

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

Although the experience was really shy and I literally went dokidoki when they served me~
But I really enjoy dining here and I'd come back again, maybe with friends!

I'd recommend you guys to try it out,
it's a lifetime experience if you haven't tried it before!
(Though I guess Japan's would be better but I haven't got the chance to yet~)

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