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Jun 28, 2013

Bandong Indonesia Trip - Part I

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Believe many of you guys are thinking:
"HUH? Haze so bad go Indonesia? You OK or not?!!"

But no. The haze wasn't from Bandung.

In fact, Bandung's air was clear and fresh. 
Hitting a perfect air-con temperature of around 24°C!

Another misconception is:
 Huh? Indonesia? Very Rural Area right? 
You're wrong. Very wrong.

I'll be sharing with you guys how modern Bandung is in the next post.
But in this post, let me show you some of Bandung, Indonesia's famous tourist attractions!

The really cheerful and sunshine tour guide that awaited us upon arrival!
Mr Beng Beng!

Welcome to Bandung!

In case you guys haven't been to Indonesia before,
You guys must have been like me, really lost with money counting after being a 
"Overnight Millionaire"

1 SGD is equals to 7,500 IDR

So imagine exchanging like 200 SGD, it'll be like 1,500,000 IDR
Get what I mean now?
I had so much difficulties counting the money for the first day!!

 Instead of counting it as 7,500. Count it as 7.5!

They rarely have items/food/etc. selling below a thousand.
So just throw away three zeros!!

Street stores!
Somewhat like our "Pasar Malam" but it's along the whole stretch of streets!

Horse Carriage!

Destination #1:

Jl. Grand Hotel Lembang No. 33 E, Bandung, Indonesia 40391

First Group Photo for me!

The place was really pretty and gives out a really relaxing feel!
Though the sunshine, the weather there was not warm nor humid! Perfect weather!!

Great family bonding place too!

The seating areas are literally "floating" on water!

Mini Presentation by The Big Price Cut organization!!
(Whom's handling many shopping/spa/etc outlets)

Had a try on the boat across the river!

And when we came back, we were surprised with MORE FOOD.


x302948203740237 of my face size!

Smokey plus cheesy! 

Destination #2:

Tangkuban Perahu

This is actually one of the most famous Volcano site in Bandung, Indonesia!
It was my first time visiting a Volcano site and WOW, the view was spectacular!

You've to actually charter a van/hire a taxi to drive up the volcano site!

It costs around 50,000 IDR from the main road up the mountain (Round Trip Price)
And another 5,000 IDR to get a shuttle up to the top (To the crater of the Volcano!)
Additionally, it costs another 50,000 IDR for the Entry Fee up to the Crater!

So it'll be a total of 105,000 IDR, which's like est. 14 SGD for a round trip!

Once in a lifetime must go place. You'll not regret it really!

Look at it! The view's so amazing that photos can't contain it!

And by the way, the Volcano is still active and has just erupted 4 months back.

Horses for you to ride around!
It costed around 20,000 IDR if I'm not wrong!
Agri and Estelle took the ride!

Camwhoring with the Volcano wahahahaha!

Was pretty sad my Olympus ran out of Battery and my TR150 couldn't capture good sceneries! :(


Bring a Mask - 
The smell of the Sulphur was REALLY strong (at least for me!)

Head down before noon! -
The clouds would start marching in after noon and the view would be covered by the clouds! (Meaning NO NICE PICS FOR YOU)

Bring/Wear A Sweater/Windbreaker up -
The weather up the crater is slightly colder and you might really need some warmth!

Destination #3:

Tea Plantation at Ciater

Along the road UP/DOWN Tangkuban Perahu,
You'll pass by this TEA PLANTATION!

And what's more is, you can visit the HOT SPRING there too!
It's a pity we didn't have time to visit and experience the Hot Spring site though.

Love the greenery view!

Really beautiful Sunset to mark the end of our day's sightseeing :)

Our Dinner Venue!

I'm sorry I was too hungry that the photos I took of the food were all blurry!
But I surprisingly loved the food over at Bandung! Especially the spicy fried beancurd!

Really want to extend my gratitude to OMY.SG and AirAsiaSG 
once again for having us on this trip to Bandung! 
Not forgetting, Bandung Tourism for organizing all these really awesome itinerary for us to tour around the best tourism spots of Bandung!

The trip was really enjoyable and memorable :)

Will be updating my Day 2 about SHOPPING in Bandung!
Yes, you didn't read me wrong, SHOPPING.

So keep checking this space!


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