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Jun 4, 2013

Glossi Eyewear - Bring Fun to Fashion

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Remember the pictures of the Sunglasses I've been posting on my #OOTD recently?

Yes, they're from
  Glossi Eyewear!

As their motto in their Glossi Eyewear logo,

Glossi Eyewear is a locally invented product that aims to bring eyewear to a whole new dimension!
Where it is attractive and fun and in my opinion, LOUD.
Bringing fun to fashion with these unique see through overlapping colored spectacles, 
These glasses are simply BOOMZ.

You can practically wear these glasses to any occasions!!

Look at the no. of designs and colors they offer!!

There was SO MANY to choose from that I had such a tough time deciding on one.
It was easier on the Sunglasses cause I fell for it at first sight!!

Guess which specs I got in the end?


Or B

Comment below to guess!! :)

Glossi Eyewears are only available at NANYANG OPTICAL stores in Singapore.

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Till my next post,

(P.S. Sunglasses is by Glossi Eyewear!! Max. Love!!)

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