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Jun 10, 2013

Glossi Eyewear - OOTD with Glossi :)

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I guess it's pretty obvious which sunglasses I chose from Glossi Eyewear cause I've been posting SO MANY photos on my instagram's #OOTD with it!

The sunglasses are SO EASY TO MATCH WITH.

Because of the reflective material used, 
The sunglasses actually reflects according to your surroundings and what you're wearing.
It looks perfect with almost every outfit!!

So here's the product picture of the sunglasses I got:

Frontal View

Side view of it
If you notice, Glossi Eyewear does not use any screws to secure its parts together!

The material used to make these eyewear are specially innovated and manufactured, 
thus the ULTRA light weight of these eye wears, comparatively to any others in market.

You can instantly look nicer just by putting it on!
 I've received many comments saying I look like a superstar in it! //shy//

And FYI, for the FORMAL OOTD look, I didn't apply any make up!!
Yet it looks so classy and elegant!

P.S. You can actually spot my hand and camera in my sunglasses' reflection!! How cool!

All thanks to and GLOSSI EYEWEAR 

Glossi Eyewears are only available at NANYANG OPTICAL stores in Singapore.

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Get your Glossi Eyewear today!

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