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Jun 17, 2013

Glossi Eyewear : Dare to Look Different

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It was a tough time choosing which glasses I want cause there was simply too many choices!

So this is the glasses I got in the end! :)

I personally feel that it's really unique!

I mean, it's common to have frameless specs and all.
But how cool it is to have a transparent yet reflective frame!?

In case you guys didn't pay attention to my previous posts,
GlossiEyewear does not use any forms of screws!!

They're using a specialized nylon to tie the glasses together.
And it is actually more durable than screws! :) 

Love how reflective the glasses are! 
It makes it stand out from other existing brands/frames available.

To read my previous post on Glossi Eyewears,

Glossi Eyewears are only available at NANYANG OPTICAL stores in Singapore.

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