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Apr 7, 2014

#CNOS3 Challenge #4 : Kings & Queens of HASHTAGS

Want a giant poster of yourself/friends in a mall in town?

O  R 

Want a gift hand picked by me from Taiwan?

J u s t    f o l l o w   3    s i m p l e   s t e p s  !

1. Take a "Selfie" of yourself/group of friends
[Selfie - Self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone]

If you don't know how to, I've specially done up a video for you guys to reference to! 

2. Follow @CathayLifestyle on Instagram
Instagram is a free app you can download on your iPhone/Andriod!

3. Hashtag (#) and Upload!
Add in these Hashtags #CathayLifestyle_SOTM and #noelleXselfies

And I'll be stalking you guys from the other end!! ^^


* Account must be PUBLIC
* You can hashtag as many selfies as you want, even old selfies/selfies with friends
* I'll be choosing the winner by 7th April 2014

And so, here's a sneak peek of the gift I'm bringing back :)

SO......Show me your Selfie NOW!! 

Even Sulley wants to be part of this!

Looking forward to seeing you guys spammed all over #noelleXselfies page!

P.S. Aside from this being a competition challenge, I actually find it really fun because I get to see you guys' selfies too, instead of you always seeing mine only! And that's why I'm throwing in gifts from Taiwan to show my appreciation to you guys out there who always supported me all along from maybe before Gtalk all the way till now. I'm nothing without you guys 

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