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Apr 27, 2014

TW Trip [2013] - Mr. J Café

I know I've been dragging this since last year.
But here comes the next café up the list that most of you guys would probably be interested in!

Mr. J Café
(Taipei University Branch)
No. 250, Wuxing St, Taipei Medical University Xinyi District Taipei City
Tel: 886-2-2377-9090

There's actually 2 outlets of Mr. J Café!
So after much research and stuff, I decided on the Taipei University one cause it was themed
after the Secret movie that Jay scripted, directed and acted in.

So first you've to take the MTR to City Hall Station
And thereafter, find the bus stop right outside the MTR Station to take a bus to
Taipei Medical University.

After alighting, look out for this signboard!
It'll lead you to a cross junction when you can cross over to Taipei Medical University!

When you reach, follow this signboard and head right to the University Campus side!

Continue walking a stretch of long road into the University and you'll end up here!

Saw the signboard on the left side of the pic? 
(Glass panels area~)

And finally!
It was around a 30mins journey or less from my hotel at Ximen, not too far actually!
Just slightly more challenging to find for the first time.

I really loved the deco! Especially the toilets!!

They had a table with Xiaoyu's writing of this in the toilet!!!
Didn't take a shot because I was lazy to climb back up to the toilet with my camera lol.

The legendary Secret piano, and the score.

Some salad which tasted kind of weird..

Complimentary with the set, Garlic Bread.

Another Salad

Aglio Olio

Baked Rice

The baked rice was really disappointing.
It tasted so..ordinary or even worse than ordinary.

Some steak that tasted kind of awful too.

Black Forest Cake

I don't really remember the dishes name.

But the food there was pretty bad.
It was slightly below average but yet the price was towards the high side :/ Rating

Location: 7/10
Atmostphere: 10/10
Price: 7/10
Food Quality: 5/10
Customer Service: 10/10

Overall Rating: 7.8/10

Despite the food being below average, I really loved the Café theme and atmosphere.
Especially if you've watched the movie Secret.
The staffs were in the school uniforms and the interior were really meticulously decorated.

Not really a must go café in Taipei unless you love Jay or the movie!

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